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About the property estimate and Your Choices


Each bank has different requirements, somewhere you get a list of contractual appraisers, and you can estimate it with yourself, elsewhere you enter a request and provide access to the property. Note that it is not true that the purchase price is always equal to the estimated price. If you have a broker, he will take care of the estimate to รีไฟแนนซ์บ้าน .

The price of the expert opinion ranges from 3.5 to 6 thousand dollars, depending on whether it is an apartment or a house. Most of the time, the developer provides for new buildings, so clients do not have to pay for it.

Read the contract carefully before signing the contract

If the bank approves the mortgage, it usually takes a week, prepares the loan agreement and asks you to sign it. Study the agreement carefully. Ask questions you don’t understand. You can still edit something at this stage. After signing you will pay for each change and the bank pricelists are merciless. For the change you will need to pay even 5 thousand dollars.

Go to the Land Registry


At the same time as the loan agreement, the bank will prepare the documents to stop the property. At the moment, however, it will be signed by the seller, because the property is still in his possession. Remember to make this step clear when signing the purchase agreement. It often happens that the shop is stuck at this stage: the seller is uneasy, has no money yet and is already pledging the property. You deposit the pledge contract on the land registry and the purchase contract the day after. Both deposits must have different dates.

At this time comes the time to settle property insurance. The contract is charged to the bank. The insurance company would not pay you the bank during the loan repayment period but the bank. You do not have to worry that the bank would take the money and you would repair the house from your own. The property is restored from this money.

Start drawing credit and paying off

The bank will release the money only on the basis of the submitted petition for deposit of the lien. Money can go to a third party, to a notarial custody, or to a special bank account. And the seller gets them only when the registration of the new owner is completed. Only then do you truly become the owner of the property. Alternatively, you can also agree that money goes directly from the bank to the seller, but it is a bit risky. If there is no reason for the registration, the seller has no motivation to deal with you.

Keep an eye on, preferably in the contract that the seller to the tax office pays the real estate transfer tax, because you act as a guarantor. After paying the money, you must start repaying the mortgage within the agreed time. However, do not forget that you pay interest to the bank on the drawn amount until you draw on the mortgage and have not yet repaid it. About two months before the end of fixation, start to be interested in new rates.