Anti Hacking Tool against Keyloggersand Online Thieves

anti keylogger

An anti keylogger is the software specially created to detect keystroke logger software. This software detects minute key loggers from the computer. Keystroke logging is the action of recording the keys stuck in the keyboard so that the person using the keyboard is monitored. Data after collected by the person who operates the program easily. Anti-keylogger is the only tool to prevent this threat. Security experts consider keylogging is the most dangerous threat. This can retrieve passwords too so the hackers can access your accounts like Gmail, Facebook, twitter-like social media and banking, financial forums. It leads to the loss of our valuable information. Also, hackers can access our clipboards, webcams, and microphones.

There are two methods used to prevent this threat, one is using the onscreen keyboard. The onscreen keyboard is operated by mouse clicking. So there is no way to capturing our keyboard. The second method is using anti-keylogging or security software. So much software is available in the market with different subscriptions. Anti-keylogger software is used to know the unknown keyloggers by virus definition and analysis. Finally, the anti-keylogging tool monitors the unknown sources and keyloggers continuously and notifies the running activity I monitor. Three anti-keylogging software give following,


Zemana anti-keylogger is the popular and most trusted tool for several years to protect against keyloggers and hackers. It costs$29.95=taxes and sometimes it available as a one-year free license. This type of software fully works against any virus and hacking tools. It also offers anti banking theft and screen and capturing. Also acts against clipboard data copying and hijacking of connected microphones and webcams. This system type acts against several abnormal activities and inject DDL codes, load low-level kernel drives, or modify system memory. This is the software that compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and 8. But the free licensed version is only used to detect the threats, it won’t against threats.

anti keylogger

Spyshelter Premium:

Spyshelter is one of the trustable software that provides premium and free versions. The main advantage is this provides full support to 64-bit but not to 32-bit, and the free version provides full support to the 32bit only. It won’t compatible with Windows XP systems. It is available in five members subscription worth $20 for year protection. It supports up to windows 8. The main defence module features of this system are following kernel-mode keylogger protection with keystroke encryption, webcam, and VOIP audio hacking protection, an anti-screen capturing module, and also a system defence guard. The system defence guard acts as a Hosts intrusion prevention system to protect against code injection to memory and register. An internet security module works against banking and financial hackings through SSL, HTTPS, STMP, POP, and STP. Suspicious files send to the virus file can directly by mouse operation.


Dataguardkeylogger has next-generation keyguard support and it is very friendly to users. So the Main demerit is this is not up to date means they didn’t provide an update for more years. This data guard anti-keylogger is not compatible with windows 8 and supports Windows 2000 and 7 32-bit only. The price range is $59 and also a free version available.