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If all the steps were done perfectly, the start will consist of a relaxation of the fingers on the rope associated with a slight movement of the shoulder blades trying to bring the elbow back, just enough for the rope to escape from your hands. The archer must realize that the rope will pass through his fingers in a straight line in the direction of the arrow. The start is the most crucial part of the shot. If it is not done correctly then all effort has been in vain in archery tag singapore .

To have a good start, it is time to let go, relax your fingers and allow the rope to escape from your fingers and all three fingers must let go at the same time. When the start is done right, the hand moves back and remains the height of the neck. If the start is forced, the hand ends up being about 5 cm beyond the neck or shoulder.


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Strictly speaking, the shot should only end when the arrow hits the target. Therefore, after the start, the archer must keep the bow’s arm stretched waiting, without interfering, with the mechanical reactions that accompany the shot. If everything went well, the bow will project slightly forward, in the direction of the arrow, and then fall smoothly towards the ground. Only then will the archer complete the shot, and after analyzing the result, he will relax and prepare for the next shot.

The execution of the shot, from the pre-pull to the start, should take a maximum of 7 seconds. Very long shots cause the athlete to lose the ability to concentrate and cause stress in the muscles, causing undesirable movements and tensions for the perfect execution of the shot. In the end, the archer maintains the position of the arms until the arrow hits the target. The position of the head and body do not change while the hand that pulled the rope moves backward.

It is important not to drop the bow after the shot, or to move your hand to the side to see where the arrow hit the target is an often fatal mistake.


The archer must relax the muscles after each shot. About 20 to 30 seconds is enough to reload the muscles. If you do not have this relaxation between shots, the muscles will tire very quickly and will not be able to maintain the same pattern of functioning.

While the body relaxes the mind, it is possible to check the shot and take the necessary steps to adjust the aim or posture according to the result. The mind has control over all the muscles necessary for a good shot, in such a way that these 10 steps can be used as a mental list to better each shot.

Like any sport or art, the best thing is to learn this sport under the tutelage of a qualified instructor. In Brazil, qualified instructors are trained and licensed by the Confederation of Archery. As not all are identical, a good instructor will be able to adapt the archer to the ideal position according to his physique.