Benefits of Exercising with Kettlebells

body training

Have you ever watched someone workout with kettlebells? It looks intimidating, it looks a little frightening, but most of all, it looks awesome. Of course, you work out for yourself, but when you see eyes on you at the gym, there is that secret inside voice that thinks: “Yup, I rock.” And I promise, even though they look intimidating and hard, with practice and proper training, you can easily master the moves. You can punch it, and that’s all about it! Almost all training equipment is designed to help you do one or just a handful of activities… The kettlebell, however, is different!

 Great source of cardio

If you fancy HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and all the benefits that come with it, a simple metal ball with a handle on it is certainly for you. Crazy! You can perform HIIT with your kettlebells!

 Great for body posture

body training

If you have problems with your lower back or body training in general because of weak muscles, try kettlebells. Probably 90 percent of the normal kettlebell exercises will strengthen your back muscles running down beside your spine, the lower back, obliques, and abs.  Similarly, the exercises will help you flatten your tummy and enhance your body balance significantly as kettlebell training teaches you to control whilst lifting.

 Ideal for busy people

Any busy person wants the best out of anything he or she spends time on… The same applies to fitness training. What’s more, the bells are portable and small which means training can even take place in your living room or bedroom.

It works

Kettlebells are functional the quick results are a great motivator. Strengthens all your muscles from the head. Increase Your Range Of Motion We all want to be able to move freely and without pain, right. I’m not getting any younger, and things seem to stiffen up daily.

 Enhances Range Of Motion

Everyone wants to move easily and, painlessly right? But that is not the case for many people… If you are feeling like you are getting older and things are stiffening up almost daily, try kettlebells! KBs can help you keep your body flexible and moving in all directions freely to reduce pain and risk of injuries significantly.

A Change

You should never fall victim to a stagnant workout, and I recommend changing things up regularly. You will break out of a plateau. And you will realize that you not only love this new challenge, but you will likely start to fall back in love with your old training as well. Absent makes the heart grow fonder. Please you guys, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask away.

A Traditional Weight

Because of the unique shape of the kettlebell, the center of gravity isn’t the center. To keep stable, your core and glutes have to work harder.

Improved Awareness Of Your Own Body

Exercise can be mindless. You get into a habit and before you know it you’re just going through the motions. You really can’t do that with kettlebells. You have to keep focused on your body and think about the muscles and moves you’re working on to ensure you don’t end up with a stupid gym injury. Trust me, you’ll learn how to move your body in ways you didn’t know possible and those moves will carry over into other forms of your fitness life.