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Breaking out a loan with a loan? Normal

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It’s not unusual, people call us several times a week and try to get another loan at any price through us. They don’t care about the conditions, they need money, describes the experience of the call center staff of the online comparator server operator. For the Kredit mit negativem Schufaeintrag this is important.

Repaying a loan with a loan is not necessarily a bad thing. If you have a loan and you see that they offer you a better loan elsewhere, thanks to which you pay less or help yourself differently for example, by reducing monthly payments, extending the maturity period, then why not. But something else is when a person has a loan, has difficulty repaying, and borrows more money just to delay the disaster. But in reality, it only drills deeper into debt and trouble. Ask about a man in such a situation says that spins the debt spiral.

Moratorium: You won’t get a new loan right away

Experience from the call center of one of the Internet comparators shows that there are two types of people trying to get a bank or non-bank loan at any cost. Some were rejected by banks, non-banking institutions, and so they try it through private. They are looking for any possibility to borrow money. These are most often people involved in the imaginary spiral of debt. The second type is said to people who constantly compare and examine the parameters of loans and looking for the best. This in itself is of course fine, but these people are looking for the best loans practically all the time, which shows that they are also permanently indebted. According to professionals, for both of these types of borrowers, their financial situation is, to put it mildly, poor. That is, with money well below zero.

However, these people usually do not know that banks and more serious non-bank lenders often have the rule that they will not provide a new loan for some time after repayment. They just have to pass some time before you can request them again. Usually, it is three months, sometimes half a year, before a bank or non-bank institution is willing to give another client a loan it has already lent. And beware: very often, such a client will not be borrowed by an institution other than the one you last borrowed from. Banks and non-banking institutions share a register of debtors, where they collect information about existing and repaid debts of their clients.

However, the debtor register is a source of additional pitfalls for the loan applicant. For example, if you successfully apply for a loan from a bank or a non-bank company, you have a contract, but don’t sign it because you borrowed the money somewhere else, you can’t expect that when you need to borrow money again, negotiations on a contract already prepared. The lender will see in the registry that the person has recently contracted another loan, so he lets the moratorium run on another lending. With a new loan, the client’s risk profile may change, so that even after the ‘protection period’ expires, he or she may not receive further loans.

Debtors pay extra

Kredit mit negativem Schufaeintrag

Obviously, lending to a person who is already on loan is at greater risk for a potential lender. And if he was to undergo it, he would pay for it. This straightforward logic is also confirmed by the real offers received by the borrowers.