Choosing The Best Options in Electrical Connections

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Some electricity retailers offer their customers card discount information. With the Power to Choose the electricity provider you need the best choices now.

What are Energy Tax and Electricity Tax?

The energy tax on electricity consumption is also referred to as the electricity tax. The energy tax consists of an excise duty on electricity and a security of supply charge. The distribution company invoices the energy tax on the electricity transmission bill and pays it to the state.

What is VAT?

VAT is a consumption tax that is added to the price of electricity. The electricity company bills the tax and forwards it to the state.

Power to Choose

How is the annual cost estimate calculated?

The Electric service will give you an estimate of the annual cost of electricity sales contracts. The service calculates the annual cost of different products impartially using the same calculation formulas. The calculation is based on the price information provided by the electricity retailers and the annual electricity consumption estimate estimated or corrected by the service. The cost estimate is calculated over a one year period.

The calculation takes into account the basic charges for the products, the energy charges, and the timing of electricity use for different times of the day and season, as well as for electricity billers. The cost estimate for universal electrical products is determined solely by the product prices and annual consumption estimate.

Night and seasonal electricity prices change according to the time of consumption. In this case, the timing of consumption at different times of the day and season also affects the amount of electricity bills. If you are familiar with the breakdown of night or seasonal electricity consumption and provide information on the service, you will get a more accurate cost estimate.

The price of exchange electricity products

So-called spot products are linked to the price changes of the electricity exchange. For exchange-traded electricity products, the calculation is based on wholesale market price expectations. The annual cost estimate is calculated using the so-called power exchange forward prices, i.e. purchase and sales commitments. Forward prices are determined by the electricity market and reflect the price expectations of the wholesale electricity market. The annual cost estimate of the electricity contract, calculated with these, best describes the price level of the coming year at the time of the assessment. The price of exchange-traded electricity products may fluctuate as stock prices change dramatically.

How is Electricity Competitive?

Electricity is tendered by comparing electricity offers and concluding a new electricity sales contract with a selected electricity supplier. In this country, the electricity companies carry out the measures related to the change of the electricity seller.

The easiest way to compete for your electricity is to use the professional service, which displays the entire electricity supply in this country. If you are moving, you may also authorize your new electricity supplier to terminate your old electricity contract.

Can I compete and change electricity dealers as often as I want?

You can bid for electricity as often as you like unless you have a fixed-term electricity contract. If you change your dealer more than once a year, your local distribution company may charge you a fee for reading your electricity meter due to a change of seller.