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Have you ever wondered about the importance of switchboards and circuit breakers? Just to give you an idea, the former will play a crucial role in the safety of your electrical circuit. Seconds can act similarly, protecting your network from potential errors and overloads. However, this succinct summary is not sufficient to give a dimension of the function and importance of these elements for your property. To better understand about switchboards and circuit breakers check out this article. With the right Energy Plans this is important.

Setting circuit breakers and switchboards

Energy Plans

The switchboard will redistribute the energy received from the supplier company to the circuits of your property. In other words, it will mediate the electricity that will come from one or more external power sources.

Because of this it is also known as distribution board

It is from this that the wiring for outlets and different installations of your house will come out. The electrical panel will also define the electrical charge that will be received by each system wire. By defining how much each one supports, the security of your property is guaranteed.

  • The importance of this framework also lies in the fact that it is electrical equipment that houses protective devices. The best known are the circuit breakers. It is also well known its disarming function every time it receives an overload.
  • Turning this switch off prevents overheating. There are factor that could end up causing a fire in your facility. By cutting circuit power these devices can also prevent shocks.

The circuit breakers will be of two types: thermomagnetic DTM and residual differential – DR. The thermomagnetic circuit breaker operates via a temperature sensor. The DTM tries to turn off the circuit when it realizes that the excess current is generating heat.

The Smartest Choices

The residual differential circuit breaker works with sensors that detect current differences. DR is very useful to avoid shocks, for example. Because by noticing the variation caused by the electricity that would escape and lead to electrocution the circuit energy is cut off.

  • This makes the DR response faster than the DTM, as the latter depends on heat generation to act. Of course residual differential circuit breakers are more expensive.
  • To close this article it is worth remembering that the average lifetime for your circuit breakers is approximately 10 years. If your key disarms all the time, it may not be an overload.
  • It is possible that the symptom actually indicates the need to change the device. This also does not prevent your home circuit breaker from lasting much longer than these 10 years.

In any case, be careful to invest in preventive maintenance. For these services always hire professionals and qualified companies to work in your electric network.

The switchboard, also called a switchboard or circuit breaker, receives power from one or more sources and is responsible for redistributing it to the electrical circuits that are connected to it.

But it is crucial that some precautionary care be taken so that there is less risk of accidents, one way is by signaling the place.

Signage on the board

  • So that there are no further problems with identifying each power cord in one of the repairs or some subsequent maintenance.
  • That is: the control cables, neutral, power and ground must all be properly signaled.

In addition to these, the power board must have the indication of each circuit connected to the circuit breaker, as stated in the project, clearly and objectively so that the circuits in question are not confused.