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Choosing the Freight Service That Offers You the Best Service

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In the market, there are common rates in the freight tables and the main ones in the value definition are:

  • ICMS,
  • Shipping fee,
  • Load weight,
  • Risk management fee (GRIS),
  • Toll according to the route,
  • Transit Restriction Fee (TRT),
  • Insurance of the merchandise.

Another factor that also contributes to the final value of freight is the choice of fractional cargo or stocking, since the fractional needs a longer delivery time due to the better cost-benefit, and the stocking load tends to be more flexible. You can pick the best as شركات نقل العفش بالرياض is there.

Advantages of Tracking the Delivery Process

Know some advantages that can be gained by following the delivery process made by carriers.


Tracking the delivery process helps to ensure more security for carriers and their drivers as well as contracting companies. Coupled with good route planning, delivery control assists with route inspection by analyzing whether the route occurs as previously defined.

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Since the fleet system often involves the use of satellite GPS, we can observe that this tracking decreases the theft, theft and hijacking rate. Even if this does not totally nullify the occurrence of these acts, through this feature it is easy to obtain the location of the cargo, effectively contributing to investigations and promoting appropriate actions.

Customer Satisfaction

The use of a resource that allows cargo tracking enables the modernization of organizational operations, which directly and beneficially reflects on the activities and routine of employees. It also assists in the transparency of the business, as the customer has access to the delivery status and keeps track of their order, thus providing more security of the service purchased. By reconciling these factors with diligent notification, the likelihood of satisfaction is much higher, helping positively in their loyalty and even recommending the service to others.

Cost reduction

Two factors that generate the most costly deficits for an organization are cargo theft and theft. Having a good delivery control system can significantly reduce losses because the system readily traces safer routes and inspects the path of each cargo.

Another cause that causes high costs is the eventual cancellation of purchases, due to excessive delay or even the suppression of information sent to customers. From another perspective, by tracking delivery, the customer can be aware of the process and safer with the purchase.

With the implementation of the system, it is possible to measure the interval of revisions and maintenance of the vehicles, and the index of problems captured in each one of them. This helps to minimize cancellations, unplanned downtime and, as a result, ensure delivery on time.

Delivery Optimization

A systematic and properly planned process is not always immune to unforeseen events and incidents that could deteriorate the course of operations. In logistics, we may encounter some unexpected situations, such as accidents, heavy traffic, tax hold and vehicle problems.

Cargo tracking enables real-time tracking and delivery status as performed. In this way, it is possible to identify any eventualities in a short period of time, thus enabling the manager to employ corrective and preventive actions with agility in order to make operations more effective.

With manual processes, operations become slower, obsolete and unreliable due to the high failure rate. Thus, the use of technology in logistics can be a great ally in terms of competitive advantages. Therefore, employing innovative systems capable of processing more data in moments can be a differential compared to the competition, because, with each passing day, the consumer is more demanding regarding the agility and efficiency in the operational processes.