Choosing the Smartest Options with the Boots

black wedge boots

High-heeled shoes always create an additional load on the spine. When walking in high heels, the body’s center of gravity is displaced, this can impair posture. If you wear high-heeled shoes, you should not go into them for more than three hours straight as it is very harmful to the spine. At the same time comes the black wedge boots now.

Tall and slender people should not choose shoes with very high heels. Although slender women are of normal weight, however, considering their growth, the load on the feet is still high. You should not choose high heels, especially since with such ladies with their growth it is quite possible to do without high heels. The best option is not too thin heels up to 6 inches tall.

Stately yet magnificent ladies, it is worth forgetting thin heels. Ideal medium thickness or wide heels no more than five inches high. Also a good option could be wedge shoes. When installing new shoes, it is worth paying special attention to their stability, as with curvilinear shapes it is dangerous to balance the thin heels to the spine.

Suitable shoes with high heels are thin and short ladies. However, with a foot size up to day 36, too high heels will cause difficulty in walking, so it is desirable to limit the heel height to 9 centimeters. Ideal option is platform shoes and walking with these shoes is more convenient, and you can choose the height at your own discretion.

How to wear jeans with boots

Jeans and boots are wonderful basic things. This combination is in the wardrobe of many modern girls. Jeans and boots make a spectacular and comfortable set in casual style.

Jeans and high boots

Wearing jeans with high boots today is very fashionable. So combine the elements of wardrobe housewives and celebrities, students and businesswomen. The kit is very convenient for daily activities: school, meetings with friends, trips out of town, etc.

Most of the time, jeans with boots are inside. For such a set, the most suitable model is skinny or jeggings. But if the boots are loose, you can easily combine them with jeans of a classic cut. The main thing is to try to avoid the baggy look, sloppy layers and extra folds. Boots should be without high heels. Perfect for a flat sole or a small lift. Also wide jump in height of 1-1, 5 cm is welcome.

black wedge boots

In addition, jeans look spectacular in combination with high cowboy boots. Such shoes, as a rule, have a perforation and a wide heel of about 6 cm, tight pants are put in, and you wear baggy pants over your boots.

Men’s jeans and boots

Men’s style boots is a new fashion trend. Today, a variety of girls like to wear huge shoes. These boots are very comfortable, simple and spectacular at the same time. The images with them are brutal, but the right clothes and accessories help soften them. These boots match perfectly with narrow and moderately wide jeans. Also, it is desirable to stuff the pants inside. You can also wear boyfriend jeans or a multi-pocket model with men’s style boots.