Choosing Your Deals in Israel Tour

There are only a few countries that would spoken to you so much that you knew right after you first visit that you would always want to come back here. One of your biggest favorites will certainly be Israel. You will definitely enjoy your second trip more than the first one. A visit to makes things perfect now.

Great price for airfare

It all began with the accidental discovery of extremely cheap air tickets for just $ 97 for a return trip, including checked-in baggage. Obviously, such cheap air tickets usually have certain limitations, and this was the case in this case as well. The departure was from Bratislava and the arrival was not to the busiest Israeli airport in Tel Aviv, but to a military airport in the south of the country, near the port city of Eilat. However, after a short calculation, it still seemed to me that the trip was worth it. So did not hesitate a minute and bought ticket for the first week of February.

The first and fortunately the last complications

What the devil did not want on the eve of departure, snow covered our country and the main artery leading to Slovakia declared a disaster. So set off about six hours earlier and as it happens in life of course everything went on time. You had a night at Bratislava airport waiting for you. Fortunately, this experience was the only inconvenience of the entire journey.

Initial interview

When you arrived in Israel, you had a familiar interview with an immigrant worker. After a relatively friendly conversation, got a stamp on your passport and you could head toward Jerusalem, where you were supposed to spend the whole week basically. Soon a bus will arrive, which after six hours of travel finally brought you to your destination.

The best possible location of accommodation

Find your accommodation through the modern Airbnb service. It is best to choose the accommodation as close as possible to the historical center and at the same time to the main bus station. The main pocket friendly transport you will get here in the bus. You need to manage to do this as well, because the historic center was about 15 minutes by calm walk and the station then about 20.


Those who have ever been to Jerusalem can surely confirm that it is a city with a unique atmosphere. There are three world religions and countless cultures. You could say that wherever you go in this city, you can breathe thousands of years of history. What is interesting at first sight is the local architecture. All buildings even modern ones are built of white stone, while other materials must not be built here. The whole town shines with some exaggeration. Be sure to visit the Temple Mount, the Wailing Wall, the Temple of the Holy Sepulcher, or the Mount of Olives, from where you will have the whole Old Town at your fingertips. Do not miss the Holocaust Museum, which is a powerful experience for everyone.


Another place you wanted to visit, which is in sight of Jerusalem, is Bethlehem. This city lies about 8 kilometers south and can be reached either by taxi or on foot from the Palestinian border. Except for the Temple of the Nativity of the Lord, however, you will not find anything interesting here. What will surprise you most is the incredible mess and the intrusive traders and taxi drivers. Pleasant are only prices, which are compared to Israel calmly one third.