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After use, turn off the appliance and, to prevent the extension from remaining in tension by creating hazards, always pull out the plug connected to the wall socket first. Remember that the extensions wound on coils must be made completely before use. The right Power to Choose  electric suppliers makes things easier than ever.

Plugs and sockets

Check that all power outlets and switches are intact and well secured. Never pull the cord to remove the plug from the socket and first switch off the connected appliance. This will prevent damage to the plug and insulation of the wires.

The iron

Before filling the tank it is good practice to turn off the iron and remove the plug. In fact, water could wet a non-insulated or deteriorated wire and cause leakage of current.

Cleaning appliances

You must disconnect the plug or disconnect the main switch before cleaning the refrigerator or any other appliance. In fact, if the insulation of the appliance is not intact, a dangerous situation can be created.

Power to Choose

Safe installations

Children are encouraged to play with all kinds of appliances. Have the “safety” type sockets installed that do not allow access to live parts.

What is your distributor with Revoluce?

With Revoluce you can find the number of your local distributor directly on the monthly statement: it is to him that you will have to contact him for any problems on the line.

In case of need for clarification, you can still contact us by phone, in chat or through our classic contact details: we will be ready to help you to manage with you every kind of problem and to give you information on how to deal with it.

Do not leave electrical appliances on standby. By completely switching off the appliances, you can save over 50 euros a year, equivalent to 8% of your electricity consumption.

Use low-energy light bulbs and remember to turn them off.

Compared to a common incandescent light bulb, a low-consumption light bulb (CFL, compact fluorescent) consumes up to 80% less electricity. It costs a little more but lasts considerably longer. If you also replace just 3 100 W incandescent bulbs with 3 low-consumption 20 W light bulbs, you can reduce your total annual electricity consumption by 7%, with a saving of around 45 euros.

Choose energy-efficient appliances 

If you have to buy new appliances, it is convenient to direct your choice to those with high energy efficiency. A higher initial purchase cost can be compensated overtime thanks to the lower electricity demand required. For example, a new class A + refrigerator needs about half the electricity of an old refrigerator and saves over 70 euros a year.

Replace the electric water heater with a gas one    

The energy cost of an electric water heater compared to a gas water heater, for the same amount of hot water produced, is equal to 250%. In fact, in addition to having a fairly good installed electrical power, it remains constantly inserted throughout the day. It is, therefore, preferable to use gas-fired domestic water heating appliances. If this is not possible, it is advisable to check that the water heater is well insulated, to avoid heat loss, and adjust the thermostat so as not to have too high a water temperature.