Design and Process

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A convection oven is also called a fan-assisted oven and it has a fan to circulate air around the food. It gives even heat to all sides of the food. Increased the fan circulation to circulate air around food to faster cook the food as compared to conventional non- fan oven. It releases hot air to circulate from a natural convection oven. For non.-food and industrial applications, they also use Fan-assisted convection ovens. This oven is commonly used for baking. The temperature is gradually reduced while cooking with the help of fan – assisted oven. In a non-fan oven temperature is more while compared to a fan oven. The word convection means fan-assisted but it is not the most precise way to differentiate that Fan-assisted oven from conventional ovens. Both ovens cook the food in a similar way only but the process is different. Both ovens circulate hot air but conventional oven uses natural convection and fan-assisted oven use forced convection. It was a major difference for both ovens, Click Here for more info. Scientifically word convection use equally to both conventional and fan-assisted ovens. In a convection oven, it distributes even air around the food, removes the blanket of cooler air that surrounds food. In this process, the first food is placed in an oven and it is allowed to cook the food evenly in less time with low temperature than a conventional oven.

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In a convection oven, the fan is placed with a heating element around it. In cooking, a chamber fan circulates air gradually. With the help of a fan, it reduces the thickness of the thermal boundary layer of cooler air which is naturally formed around the food. By removing the cool air from food at the time layer is thinned so the food can cook faster. To avoid the food overcooked, while the middle of the cooking process the temperature is reduced to 20°c. Air gets mixed in the addition and the temperature is evenly spread to the oven. This oven includes a radiant heat source at top and bottom so that only it improves heat transfer from the starting cold stage. On the other side, some ovens have a heating element that is placed outside and hides from the food. It will help to reduce the radiant heat on food. Walls of oven also are heated by air circulation. The most important one is the resulting temperature is less while compared to the radiant heat source. Walls used to provide a hot temperature to heat the food when the oven is off. The convection oven is produced very less temperature as compared to a conventional oven. Comparison is different and it depends upon some factors. Cooking temperature is different as the air circulates heat more quickly than style of  air at the same temperature. If we want to transfer the same amount of heat at the same time then the temperature must be reduced to lower the rate of heat to compensate. In convection cooking, product testing does not demonstrate to the toaster oven as a result of the advantage for toasting or baking. The convection oven is a more commonly used oven in the world and it also the best in the oven. Most of the people choose this oven as a best as compared to other types of oven.