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Parc Clematis

In this article, we are the whole going to see Singapore’s hot topic called Parc Clematis . After seeing the map about this project, most of the residence of Singapore are willing to buy one unit for them. They had the first release of 320 additional units in August 2019 later on. The remaining developments are on the process, and this has a considerable amount of expectations more than that of the first sale. Because of the excellent experience with the first sale. It is a lease project. One cannot own the parc clematis, but they can buy this for 99 years lease. Let us look in detail about the space, rooms, area, location, etc.

Parc Clematis

Particular about parc clematis:

Initially, we know about the project name that is parc clematis. The developer of the parc clematis is SingHaiyi gold private limited. The district of the parc clematis is 05 avenue. The complete address of parc clematis is 2 . 20 Jalan Lempeng. We had seen the tenure of the parc clematis, which is 99 yeard. One can check out the direct project link to know more about the project details so that you can provide insight into the parc clematis’s necessary purchase details.

There are a total of 1468 units located. The site area is around 58,867-meter square. There are 1468 car parking lots, and there are nine extra handicapped lots available. There is no motorcycle lots one of the significant disadvantages of the project. But to compensate that they have the bicycle lots of about 245. There are nine blocks in total; each has 24 stories. To make the users climb to the building very quickly, they had designed 32 lifts, which is about private and clubhouse life. There will be no waiting for the elevator because of this number.

Let us see about the proper size of the building or the units by this. You can decide which is your preference.

  • There are various units available in that the one-bedroom unit area of the par clematis is 452 to 720 square feet, which is very compact to one or two people to stay or to the college or office going people.
  • For the two-bedroom, this has 689 to 894 square feet; this is a straightforward and elegant design init.
  • If you want to buy a little bigger than this, you can look at either dual-key or bedroom plus study unit; they are of 670 to 860 and 742 square feet, respectively.
  • The three bedrooms are perfect for a good number of family members. It is useful in size to living with it is of about 861 to 1076 square feet.
  • If you want to go with a comfortable living, then you must pick the premium one. It is of about 1044 to 1259 square feet.
  • You have more options depending on the rate you decide penthouse, corner terrace, and the bungalow type in the parc clematis.
  • The bungalow is the final model with the largest area of 3830 square feet.

Generally, people will look for better results with minimum efforts, but that couldn’t always be possible in all the cases. Parc clematis is doing its best services to the seekers to crack the above view.