Domesticated carnivorous mammals health facts

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Dogs’ heartbeat rate is 70 to 120 times per minute. Dogs commonly live 15 years, chocolates affect a dog’s heart and nervous system. The smallest dog is Chihuahua and the tallest dog is Great Dane. Dog domesticated for 10,000 years. Research says pet owners lead a happier life with less stress and less heart attack. Dogs can hear 4 times as humans and dogs can smell your feelings.

Medical care

Veterinary doctors believe a healthy dog is a happy dog. Some medical care ideas to take care of dogs’ health in their site . Some of them are Pets Oral Health, First aid, Heat Therapy.  Practice your dag to daily jacking and maintain their health.

Pets Oral Health

Research says pet owners did not focus on oral health. Some common oral health care is regular tooth brushing is essential for dog health at least 3 times a week. Develop the habit of daily brushing from the puppy stage and pets need a special toothbrush and toothpaste for them. You must consider pets teeth clean to the veterinary doctor twice a year this will help to maintain dogs’ health. Homemade meals are comfortable for pets’ oral health. Another kind is fleas and ticks, fleas are hard to find it cans sea brownish-black fleas themselves. The environment control includes treatment of pets environment special attention is a must for dog care. Dogs’ site is comfortable in health.

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First aid

Medical treatment is essential for a dog’s health, dog natural temperature 101-102.5F, normal heart rate 70-160 beats\min, normal breathing rate10-30 breaths\min. Check heart rate by placing the head in the dog’s chest, bleeding is a life-threatening situation for dogs. In vomiting, the situation provides a vet evaluation. In heart, stroke takes the dog in cool area and path with taped water. When the dog affected in Limping you suspect a fracture and gently stabilize the temperature, cover wound with cloths. Chocking is also a kind of health issue, the procedure to cure chocking carefully pull dog tongue forward his mouth and throat. When the dog not supporting treatment must stop that and take him to the vet.

Heat therapy

Arthritis is a kind of disease affects dog, an estimated 10 million dogs mainly senior dogs are affected.  The causes for Arthritis are cold winter, damp weather and dog get difficult in the walk. Low-level therapy will cure joint problems. But hot bath and traditional heat pads are not safe for dogs’ health. their site remedies are much better for dogs’ good health. Dog parents provide a specially made bed for dogs that give a comfortable zone for dogs. This specially made bed helps to relax muscles and increases muscle strength.

Common health problems

Dogs can affect many health issues, they are intestinal parasites, skin disease, ear infection, eye problems and also dental disease. Tapeworms are common in dog health problems. Tapeworms may cause abdominal bloating and mild digestive upset. Intestinal worms are another common disease worms that are mainly affected by many pets intestinal worms can infect humans mainly affect children. Hot spot develops the situation of contact allergies like food allergy and flea bite allergy. Another common health problem is a skin infection, hair loss, and raw sports. Bacteria were the causes of these problems, in the market, many shampoos are available to cure hair loss. These are the main common health problem faced by dogs.