Everything you need to know about the cost of living in Orlando, Florida

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Cost of living in Orlando:

Before buying a new house or moving to an area of Orlando, first of all, you should need to know what the cost of living is there.

  • When it comes to the housing in Orlando area for rent, it will be about 1,427 US dollars for 85 m2 or 900 sqft in the expensive area and 1,209 US dollars in the normal area per month.
  • For your food in Orlando, you have to spend 7 dollars for combo meals in the fast food restaurant, 13 US dollars for the basic lunch menu and the bread for 2 people for one day will be 2.38 dollars.
  • If you wish to buy any cloth in this area, you have to spend at least 32 to 113 US dollars based on your selection.
  • There are also public transportations available in Orlando but you can also have personal transportation by car. If you use public transportation, you have to spend 50 dollars on a ticket.
  • When it comes to the personal care, you should spend 97 dollars for short visit of 15 minutes to a private doctor, cold medicine for 6 days will be around 8 dollars, 2 in 1 hair shampoo is 3.76 dollars, and more.
  • For the entertainment in cinemas, you should spend 23 dollars for 2 tickets and one cocktail drink in the downtown club will be around 10 US dollars.

The cost of living for all things in Orlando is only affordable so you can buy the best home for sale at platform to live there peacefully with your family.