Find Your Tipping Amount Through Applications Easily

tipping calculator

The act of tipping is just to appreciate the works of the service rendered by the people. It is very common in many countries, and this amount will be given to the person as an extra amount added to the typical salary. Mostly, in all the states, the wages for these kinds of workers will be not adequate for their life, and so this tip amount will add some value to both their work and their life. The tip amount can be given to persons who serve the dishes for the people in the restaurants, maids who keep the room clean in the hotels and the porters who guide the people in hotels. It can also be given to hairdressers in the parlors who do kind service. The tipping calculator  can be easily installed on the mobile phone to find the exact tip amount.

These types of people can be given tips as per their level of service and the nature of the work. If the service workers are so well paid in the hotels and restaurants, then it is not necessary to give them the tip amount. Still, in majority cases, only the high-class hotels and restaurants will pay their servicemen some salary which is up to the mark. The amount of tip can be easily calculated from different applications such as Tip N Split calculator, Gratuity, and some other applications.

Gratuity – Tipping Calculator:

tipping calculator

Gratuity application is a handy app in which the tip amount can be easily calculated. This application will also give people more information on tipping in various countries. This application will be more suitable for travelers and tourist guides who require more travel. The person can just tap on the icon of the screen in order to get the actual tip amount for the total amount of the bill. It is indispensable to know the tipping nature of different countries for which we travel, in order to avoid confusion in tipping to the service workers. This Gratuity application will give you the complete details of tipping along with the average percentage of the country, which will be set as default in the form.

Normally, the tip amount will be calculated from the total amount of the bill with the help of the percentage share. In case if the person wishes to give the worker 10% of the total bill amount, then the person can enter the value of the bill amount and the percentage in the calculator. The calculator will show the tip amount, which has to be paid to the worker. It is quite normal to the mind calculations also for tipping. In case if the amount of the bill is 250.00, then the person wishes to give 10% of this total amount to the service workers then he can just move the decimal pointer to the left side by one digit. Then it is 25 and so this becomes the amount which has to be paid as the tip to the service. It is very easy to calculate the tip amount.