Free Virtual Escape Rooms

virtual escape room singapore

virtual escape room singapore

Due to the pandemic going on all over the world, we have to be closed at home. Now that we are closed at home, we cannot spend time with our friends and family who are living far away. But there is a solution to this, with the help of which we can spend a good time with our family and friends. That is the way virtual escape room. In the virtual escape room, it happens that you connect with your family or friends on a video conferencing platform and play some fun puzzles or games with them. Other than that, there is one more thing about virtual escape rooms that virtual escape rooms help build an individual’s problem-solving skills. Today we are sharing with you some such virtual escape rooms which are very fun as well as absolutely free. So, let’s know about those virtual escape room singapore .

  1. Escape from wonderland -This Wonderland-themed digital escape room is based on the story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. You can accomplish this on your own or with a group. Although people of every age group can play this game, this game is best for those who are less than 10 years old.
  2. Dogman digital escape room -This is a great virtual experience that will test your ability to help Dog Man out of the escape room. In this game, Dogman is running from Petey the cat. While running he gets stuck in a digitally locked room.
  3. Hogwarts escape room -If you are a fan of Harry Potter, then this virtual room is for you. It puts you in the shoes of a first-year Hogwarts student who’s learning spells and how to use a wand. It is a free virtual escape room.
  4. Spy apprentice adventure -This escape room can be completed by yourself or you can complete it with the help of a group. If you want to replay it then you can as many times as you want. You can time yourself to see how fast you can solve all the puzzles. In this game, you travel the world as a spy apprentice. The clues are a bit difficult.
  5. Thanksgiving escape room – This game is made keeping in mind the kids. This is a game that children can learn a lot while playing. The skills you are required to play this game are logic, addition, and counting. This digital escape room is designed and maintained by Brandi Jordan.
  6. Jumanji: Escape to Camp -Have you ever watched the Jumanji movie? Did you like it? If your answer is yes then this escape room is for you. You will enjoy it. In this, you are stuck in a video game (Jumanji) and you must escape in time. But the only way to escape is to get the magic gem but there are many obstacles. One more thing, you may need a pen and paper to play this game.

So, you have seen how we can enjoy fun and free virtual escape rooms with our family and friends. Apart from this, you will get more virtual escape rooms on the internet which you can enjoy with your family.