Grapes ripening and red Bordeaux winemaking

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Grapes ripening:

The specialized grape growers are acquainted with before picking grapes ripeness and sweetness. They know the level of picking the grapes. The sweetness is diverging from grapes to grapes. The grape juice has potassium, triggers a rise in the PH, as well as it’s diminishing in free acids. Every vine plant can give fruits after three years, the number of fruits may base on the production. After the fruit is fully ripe, the grape cultivator picks the grapes. The grapes are requirements sun to ripen. The grape plant is one of the timbered permanent vines. The home grower may be following some determining for appropriate harvest time and ripening of grapes.

  • Shade
  • Magnitude
  • Taste
  • Shade: Cropping grapes are used for preparing wine, jellies and some products are making at the right stage for maximum sweetness. The grapes have colors like blue, green and red. The grapes change its color from green to blue, white or red. One of the dials of ripeness is color. The grape grower recognizes the mature stage of the grapes, the grapes can ripe, and the grapes have the pale varnish, and then happen to the kernel twist from emerald to brunette.
  • Magnitude: size is another measurement of ripening the grapes. It helps the farmer when the grape is mature.
  • Taste: if the grapes are ready to produce then they taste the grapes. After tasting the grapes, these are continued to protect a maximum of two to three weeks for a grown-up.

Red Bordeaux winemaking process:

The popular wine-producing area is Bordeaux in Southwest France which most accepted the world’s wine area. The Roman has introduced the wine to the Bordeaux. Red Bordeaux is very famous for its reliable brilliance. From the blend grapes, it may be usually made. Through the dark-skinned grapes with clear juice made red Bordeaux. In skin has the stain and to give them to tannins and color.


  • Curtailing and devastating
  • Fermentation (first) and alcoholic maceration
  • Portrayal rotten and pressing
  • Second fermentation
  • Supporting