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Greater Choices for the Affiliate Marketing and the results

affiliate seo

Affiliate marketing programs come in all shapes and sizes and also in all kinds of different phases. New, in development, but also: asleep. Your program is running on its own, some sales are coming in, you occasionally send a mailing. Is fine anyway? But most of your sales (around 80%) will come from a small group of publishers (usually around 10-20%). Recognizable? Time to breathe new life into your affiliate program and activate your publishers. With affiliate seo you can have the best choices now.

Program update

First, take a good look at your own program. When did you last review your program conditions? Is your advertising material still up to date? Do you regularly send mailings and do you ever set up an action? You do need this to run a decent program and to keep your publishers interested.

If there is a promotion for your customers, then this may also be a reason to encourage your publishers. A good deal for the customer sells well and is therefore also interesting for them to promote! Make sure you have suitable advertising material that publishers can use.

affiliate seo

Bonus tip

If you set up an action, ask your account manager if you can join the publisher newsletter. This is usually well-read and you will immediately notice your promotion.

Activation campaign

How are you going to breathe new life into your affiliate program? You can do this through an activation campaign; a campaign to wake up those 80% sleeping publishers. Of course, a part of that group is not active because, for example, they are small sites with very little traffic or because the administrators are no longer actively working on their site. They simply cash in what is coming in and do nothing further with their platform. But there is undoubtedly a group that is active, but not in your program. You have to reach that group.

Send them a mailing and try to stimulate them with an activation bonus. For example, you can double reimburse the first number of orders or offer a reward for the fastest riser (incremental sales bonus). You can also reward them with products, a free subscription or a discount coupon for your webshop.

Tier bonus

You can also enter a scaling bonus for everyone in the program. For example, create three categories of a certain number of sales and attach an extra bonus to that. Do you have more than 100 orders? Then you fall into the gold category and receive € 100 extra. More than 50 sales are silver and € 50 bonus and more than 25 is bronze and good for € 25 bonus. The numbers and amounts, of course, depend on the average number of sales and the reimbursements and sales of your products. This must be a bit in proportion.

Call in your account manager

Your account manager is there to help you and make your program better. So make use of it too! Ask him for a benchmark analysis; a comparison of your program compared to other programs. What is the conversion ratio for others? How high is their disapproval?

You can also view other programs within your network yourself. What kind of compensation do competitors give? Is their cookie time perhaps much longer than yours? Publishers naturally want to earn as much money as possible and will (in addition to the quality of the offer) prefer an advertiser with a longer cookie period, a higher conversion rate and a lower rejection.