How to make the choice of contact lenses

cheap colored contacts

There is so much variety of colored and decorative and colored contacts available. You can have as many looks as you want right from a subtle change to a bold new look. There are lenses for every occasion which can range from rocky to highly creative and scary ones which are used during Halloween. There are so many available in the market, some are the prescription kind and then you can get the Plano forms. The prescription lenses are generally used for corrective measures and you can consult the eye doctor if you want to use the colored lenses for fashion purposes also. The ones that you get over the counter are not there for any vision correction and is used for cosmetic purposes.

cheap colored contacts

The cost of many colored lenses are high but with online and other options there are now significantly cheap colored contacts available for use. These are one-time disposable contacts. Some who want to retain the natural look and want just a subtle transformation, there are others who seek a dramatic transformation. the lens has tiny dots and lines that mimic the iris and make it look more natural. The center of the eye is kept clear which enable you to see clearly.

There are three kinds of tints that lenses are made into

  • Visibility Tint
  • Enhancement tint
  • Opaque tint

The visibility tint is the same shade as your eye and you will not notice the difference, it only helps you see better. The enhancement tinted lenses are there to help enhance the natural eye color and they have a see-through tint in them. The opaque tint is complete eye color change which is totally different from what color of eyes you have. The opaque lenses are mostly used for novelty and when you want to achieve a certain look.

The need to choose the right one for you is very difficult, you may want to try what an actor or actress eye shade is or something you have seen on somebody else, but you will have to know that the color has to suit you which begins by

  • The hair color of the person
  • The skin tone
  • The kind of look you want to achieve

The kinds of looks you could have with different kinds of lenses

  • Daring
  • Dramatic
  • Natural
  • Subtle

The subtle changes help just deepen the eye color that you already have, and you can go with natural colors such as green grey and blue. If you are in for a dramatic look you will go for tones blue-red tones and other options. The above options are for people with light eyes. But people with dark eyes and choosing subtle would be only lighter honey colored or hazel colored lenses and a dramatic change would involve all the other colors that you would want to try out.

The best news that contacts are coming in all kinds of colors and designs nowadays right from amethyst, sapphire to turquoise. These come in full or part time wear options. You can get customized tinted lenses made if you go to the manufacturers who specialize in such work.