Instagram Promotions: The Next Steps


Big brands and influencers have understood this. More and more companies are integrating Instagram into their Digital Marketing and community management strategy. More than just acquiring followers, this is about building it is a question here of building its brand image through a qualified and loyal community. This is a part of the partenariat option coming with the influencers now.

How to achieve this without sacrificing your marketing budget?

Your objective can be summed up in a single question: What message do you want to convey to your customers or prospects through the image conveyed, and the communication used on Instagram?


The classic for organic visibility hashtags is a powerful tool for increasing your visibility on Instagram, without spending a single penny on advertising. However, you must know how to use them. When a user searches for a Hashtags on Instagram, the results are displayed in two ways:


The 9 publications with the highest potential appear first according to the Instagram algorithm. In other words, those that generally are the most qualified engagement. These are not necessarily the posts with the most likes or the most comments.

Then, the most recent publications are simply displayed.

So avoid overly general Hashtags with millions of posts, like #cat, #kitchen, #marketing, etc. Target targeted Hashtags, such as longer niche keywords. If we take the example of keyword marketing, we can target marketing online, marketing strategy or even a marketing agency.

Bet on storytelling, the art of history

Your photos should tell a story. The goal here is not to add a text of 2000 words in the description of your photo. The goal is for your photo or video to tell a story.

Contrary to popular belief, photographs and videos on Instagram do not have to be perfect to go viral. They need to arouse emotion, to tell a story, to convey a clear message. One of the tricks that work best, especially for products, is to stage what you sell.

For example, if you are marketing food products, take a picture of a dish made with that food. If you market gardening tools, photograph someone using them in their daily life. If you sell a service, it is the same principle, stage what this service brings to one of its users. For example, if you offer a carpooling service, you can stage people traveling together.

The most effective medium on the web

Video remains the most sought after and consulted medium by Internet users, and not only on YouTube. Even if Instagram is in a way, in a way, the realm of the photo, video remains the most effective way to boost your company’s image on the social network.

What could be better than a video to show all aspects of your product or service in a concrete way? Ditto to convey a specific message inform people about the use of a product or service and so on. The only constraint is that on Instagram, all videos are in very short format, with a maximum of 20 seconds in principle. It is, however, possible to broadcast longer videos, but avoid exceeding the minute.