Likes are Only based on your Creativity

get likes on instagram

If you are using social media you would be the one who knows well about likes. Once the like goes into a hike and makes people post pictures or videos just to get likes. When that is the case, Instagram has made closed the numbers in getting likes. Their only motive is that this is the platform where you can get connected with your friends and family and you can share your daily life pictures and also for the entertaining factor. But not at all that to create a competitive environment in the name of likes. In the beginning, it is like that and people fight to get likes on instagram , but later, understanding the mindset of people they have stopped this because they know this is not a healthy one.

Likes are Invisible:

get likes on instagram

This has done only in countries like Japan, New Zealand, Brazil, Australia and so but in India it is visible. Some of the things make you understand this same system has given a set of pressure in the minds of the people. It is simple. There are lots of options for all social media. Yes, when you are using it, you should be ready to face things. When you are very sensitive to face negativity, then you are not the right person to use this social media in public. You can make your account private and so you can allow only the people who have to follow you can see the pictures you post. There are also some people who know these things and so they would never consider these things as a matter.

There are some ways to follow if you have to get fame and if you can follow it then you can reach it. There is no purpose for you to spend an amount on this silly thing. It is all about your creativity. Yes, you can post the pictures which are high in creativity and quality. This would definitely attract the people who are seeing it. When they share it with their friends and keeps on reposting it your picture would go into a viral one. Many of them are taking this platform to go into the big screen. A person who wants to become a passionate actor can use this social media and post pictures. Many of them have become famous and also actors, actresses through this medium.


In the olden days, entering into the field of cinema is unimaginable and also a complicated process. You have to wait for years and years. Now, this social media has things very light and even once you get fame, there are lots of opportunities for you to become a star. In happens in reality. Best shots take you places. So you should post only the best pictures of yours and also you should know to ignore negativity. One day your efforts would pay off and no matter if not, it is all about entertainment.
When you are using Instagram hashtags are very important because you should spend time to choose the right one. An active hashtag is necessary because when people look at it they can quickly get what is your picture is all about.