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Loans that You Know for Sure Now


In addition, personal loan companies prefer to work with large companies, so that small and medium-sized companies will feel “more comfortable” working with other agencies, especially state development banks for กู้เงินนอกระบบ .

Choose the most appropriate personal loan companies line for your company’s sector

personal loan companies has lines for specific sectors such as Proengineering (general), Finem IT (software), Proforma (pharmaceutical industry), Proplastic (plastic industry), etc. Look for the most suitable for your company.

How to get financing from personal loan companies

Select the best line according to your initiative

The personal loan companies have lines for specific actions that the company wants to carry out, such as expansion of the factory, working capital, purchase of machinery and equipment, internationalization, acquisition of other companies, etc. Make sure there is no specific line for what your company wants to do, which can facilitate approval.


Analyze the personal loan companies rules for the chosen line

It is important to check the personal loan company’s rules for the line you have chosen. This is necessary so that you do not “eat the ball” when applying for financing.

It is also important to know that some personal loan company’s operations have strict governance rules in relation to the company. Examples of rules like these are preemptive rights of personal loan companies in the acquisition of equity interest in the company, mandatory for the company to become a public limited company (Lei da SA), among others. It is important to verify that your company meets these requirements (or intends to meet them) before you start pleading for a line.

Make a quick credit analysis of your company

Analyze some basic variables in your balance sheet such as working capital needs, changes in equity (are you negative or positive Percentage of fixed costs and expenses, variables in relation to revenue, EBITDA, revenue evolution, etc.

This way, you will have a good evaluation if your company is really able to take out a loan (or if it is very bad financially). The degree of credit risk that your company will receive in a credit assessment will also guide the guarantees that will be required for the operation.

Assess what are your guarantees for the personal loan companies loan

If the company does not provide solid guarantees to the personal loan companies, it is very difficult for a loan to be approved. After defining the correct line for financing, it is important for the company to start thinking and planning in relation to what guarantees to provide.

Have quality documentation on hand

Extra care not to forget any of the legal documents. Review the list several times and review the quality of the documents. It must not contain any scrawl, erasure or be poorly scanned, or even signatures of the accountant and legal representative are missing.

Attach your business plan

Personal loan companies welcome any company that has a structured plan and knows how to specify the next steps. So, add your business plan in the documentation, and don’t forget to perform a SWOT analysis of the company. An overview of the scenario in which the company finds itself gives credibility, in addition to demonstrating precisely what are the strengths and opportunities for long-term growth.