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windows vps

To begin with, it is worth noting that it is probably better to choose the OS with which you have already worked and are well versed in its settings. But still, there are exceptions, sometimes you have to choose something new to improve your work and choose an OS that will meet the necessary requirements. So, let’s begin. In the case of windows vps this is important.

FreeBSD server

Free BSD is one of the oldest OS with a rich history. But every year the number of users of this system is reduced, although it is considered one of the numbers of the reliable and safe OS. There are several reasons for this OS to fall in popularity, the main one being one development team and a very small amount of commercial software for FreeBSD. If you encounter a problem with FreeBSD, it is likely to remain unresolved.

Currently released version 10 of FreeBSD, which successfully runs on a variety of processor architectures and in the hands of the wizard, provides an opportunity to fine-tune the kernel. The benefits of FreeBSD include the excellent implementation of working with memory, network and I / O. Interested in the main differences between Linux and BSD?

OS windows server

Windows Server, for example, Windows Server 2008 R2 the system is practical and has a large margin of performance. The best solution for a file server or terminal has a backup tool, which greatly improves reliability.

windows vps

The main drawback is the demand for hardware. Windows Server 2008 R2 no longer supports the 32-bit architecture, and in general, requires significantly more resources to work than its counterparts. An important feature, the OS requires license purchase. It’s worth remembering that it is on Windows that a huge number of existing virus programs are oriented.

In most cases, this product is used for “home” testing of the site, for connecting a remote desktop, or when using IIS and ASP.

HyperHost offers VDS with Windows, including a free license for 180 days trial period. For example, you can order a GVA server with Windows 2008, 2012, 2016. It also offers detailed instructions on installing the operating system from your iso image in VM manager using the example of Windows 10.

CentOS Server

CentOS are a free analog of Red Hat, which is very popular. The number of users of this OS is huge, which allows you to quickly solve all problems and bugs that have arisen. The advantage is the presence of many forums where you can be helped with questions about CentOS. Significant pluses of Centos include a very convenient and nimble package manager yum, and the minus is the presence of not the latest versions of related software in standard repositories of packages for Centos. This OS supports almost all hosting control panels. If you work with this system, then our instructions for configuring Monit on Centos 7 and installing fail2ban on CentOS will definitely come in handy.

Debian server

Debian is a Linux distribution that has many fans and is actively developing. This OS is universal and is used on servers and ordinary working machines. Debian is a great server solution that should work stably and smoothly. Excessive conservatism of the OS is the main drawback, as developers rarely please with new releases.