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Look for Your Essential Choices in Selling Gold

Sell Gold

Whether you are a new or experienced trader, professionals have many resources to help you: analytical and educational webinars hosted several times a day, commercial guides to help you improve your business performance. Did you know that it is possible to buy gold in small quantities? Find out how to invest in gold with little money and include the metal in your investment basket. To Sell Gold this is important.


You have been following the economic news more frequently, especially information about investments and possibilities for increasing assets. In the not-so-distant past, Brazil traded a lot of gold and today it seems that this investment has fallen by the wayside. How can I invest and buy gold without having the fortune to buy many grams soon?

Sell Gold

With the sophistication of the financial market, both here and abroad, the demand for gold, a precious metal with great market value, gradually decreased. Contextualization is necessary in this sense: gold has lost its appeal because other more practical and profitable investment alternatives have emerged. Direct trading of shares and contracts, specific funds and scheduled investments are some examples of modernization.

Then the crisis came and gold became the object of many investors’ desires again this time, also by people of the middle class and investors of less capital. Evidencing this reality is easy, just note that since the 2008 crisis, the Spot Gold price has appreciated by about 50%, going from around US $ 600.00 per ounce 31 grams to US $ 900.00.

Why buy gold?

There is a consensus that gold is not just any investment. You should not invest in gold because it is fashionable or because someone said it is interesting. As it is a type of application whose price variation happens daily and worldwide, it is important to know the market and its nuances. The dollar exchange rate, for example, can harm, even temporarily, the gains of Brazilian investors in gold. Experts recommend that gold be seen as an investment for protection hedge, especially in times of economic turbulence and thinking about the long term.

Is it possible to buy gold with little money?

Yes, today this is possible through the so-called over-the-counter market, where it is possible to invest in any amount of gold. There is a network of brokers specialized in trading the metal and the investor can buy up to $ 10,000 in cash a Central Bank rule to avoid money laundering. Above that, the purchase can be made through bank deposit.

Brokers and securities distributors created several products from contracts and bars of 250 grams, selling from small quantities 1g to 10g in cartons to laminates and bars of different sizes and weights, chosen by the investor. The products, based on quotations of the day plus goodwill profit, are standardized, certified and sealed.

What are the risks related to gold?

The risks inherent to the metal are related to the relationship between demand and supply in the world and also to the value of the national currency in relation to the dollar. Regarding the purchase and sale of gold, you need to be concerned with security in relation to where you will store it. When buying it, you can let her take custody or hire this service from a bank without the gold physically passing through your hands. In both cases, the custody fees will be charged. If you choose to buy over the counter, you will have to keep the gold at home or take it to a bank and pay for custody.