Perfect Choices for the Legal Consultation with the Firm


In essence, the legal fees of all lawyers are the same for a judicial representation. These are regulated in the Lawyers Compensation Act (RVG) and are aligned in civil disputes on the so-called value in dispute. From Levine you can have the best legal assistance regarding all these matters.


However, there is also the possibility of concluding a fee agreement with the lawyer here. In this case, the attorney can demand higher than statutory fees. If the attorney for a process according to the legal fees would receive only a very low remuneration, since the amount in dispute is so small, this is usually the case. However, it can also be a very busy professional, who can be specially compensated for his special skills in court proceedings.

  • Furthermore, in individual cases, lawyers have been able to agree on a performance fee since 2008. These agreements take the form of a client paying only a portion of their legal fees when losing a case, but in the other case, if the litigation is successful, the attorney can claim a premium on legal fees.

The extrajudicial activity

The legal fees of the RVG can also be used to settle the out-of-court activity of a lawyer (eg contract preparation, consulting, defending claims or checking an online shop).

Agreements on hourly rates are also not uncommon and possible. Those can be at just over 100 $ per hour in simple cases over 200 – 300 $ per hour up to 700 $ and more per hour. Legal requirements are not available. Depending on the level of liability for the lawyer, the complexity of the case, interviewing a designated specialist and the size of the firm, the hourly rate varies.

A fixed lump-sum fee is the third option for out-of-court activity. In this process, the client knows from the beginning what costs he has to expect. If the processing of the mandate proves to be more complex than expected and the fee is not sufficient for the costs incurred, the lawyer has to deal with this problem.

Different ways of legal advice

How the legal advice takes place is absolutely different and depends on both the client and the lawyer. In the digital age, thanks to the technology, a lawyer sitting opposite one another is no longer absolutely necessary in a consultation.

Attorneys nearby

If eye contact during counseling sessions is important to you, a lawyer in the immediate vicinity must be consulted. In the meantime, however, there are comfortable databases and online directories, which according to the place of residence and focus of the lawyer activity order classified law firms nearby.

It is advantageous that meetings are made on site and files can be reviewed together. One disadvantage, however, is that appointments have to be arranged and the travel time to the office can be considerable in unfavorable cases. For example, a patent law specialist is not always available in rural areas.

Legal advice via telephone

A telephone consultation is especially recommended during the preparation of a process and to answer simple questions with consulting clients. The telephone information provided by the lawyer is just as binding as an oral statement on site. Telephone counseling, however, is profitable only in answering simple questions or in the context of ongoing support by a law firm, as the attorney often or completely misses the necessary documents in this type of counseling.

The costs thereby arise through a time fee, over the legal remuneration or a fixed price. There is also the case of a paid lawyer hotline, in which the hotline tariffs (usually from 2 $ per minute) will be charged.

Legal advice via e-mail

Only for simple issues and questions, a pure e-mail legal advice is recommended. The lawyer is dependent on the transmission of necessary documents and necessary information of the client via e-mail.

This form of legal advice is binding, the lawyer is thus liable for his statements. Therefore, the legal representative may also request a fee for an e-mail consultation.