Perfect Garden Decking As Per Requirement

garden decking

The balconies are spaces for rest and recreation, extension living or reading environment. Depending on the locals, they turn into a full kitchen and even an industrial kitchen, or simply fulfill their original vocation as a barbecue place on weekends. The project developed by the interior architect privileges the client’s desire and profile, adapting the requirements to the available area and providing the necessary infrastructure for the uses. In the case of garden decking you can find the best solutions now.

garden decking

The same concepts adopted in large balcony designs can be used in small buildings, with some particularities. In up to 90% of cases, taking the dining room to the terrace is the best alternative. It makes no sense in a 70 m² apartment to have two dining rooms one indoors and one on the balcony.


The infrastructure must consider the items that will address each of the situations. And there are several: Some customers who integrate the balcony with the living want the gourmet area, but do not want the charcoal barbecue, prefer the electric or even remove the barbecue and leave only a grill and a cooktop. Others choose to make the balcony a living room with a fireplace, a games corner or even a dining room,

The balcony can also host the apartment’s kitchen. If the resident cooks little, there is no need to install a gas point, just a cooktop or electric oven. Customers, who never go to the stove, buy ready-to-eat food and only have a microwave to heat the dish. Others want a sophisticated, industrial gourmet area.


The balcony design can be a continuation of the style of other environments or adopt a language of its own. Each project is unique, so everything depends a lot on the style, size and function of the balcony, who continues: We can have balconies integrated into the living room that is an extension of the room and thus more formal. But, too, they can be more casual, yet cozy.

Styles should not be completely opposite. In an extremely classic apartment, you don’t need to design a balcony that follows the same language, framed in the closet door, for example, because it won’t be so practical in everyday life. But the idea is to use elements with classic features that blend with the new proposal, arguing that this is a more relaxed environment, where residents receive with some informality, no table set and service to the people.


Providing pipelines and hydraulic and electrical systems requires engineering analysis to avoid problems with structural walls or unnecessary interference. The pipes can even be external and not embedded. Balconies used by frying residents often ask for ducts for the hood. But depending on the floor plan of the property, it is not always possible. The solution is the good suction equipment available on the market, such as the hoods.

The dimensioning of the hood must consider the area it will cover and the equipment it must meet. There is a flow calculation per cubic meter, made by the hood companies, which includes the engine power. It is important to compare prices and options because cheaper parts may have weaker engines and are not functional for the required demand.

When choosing porch furniture, you should consider whether they will receive a lot of sunlight, which can damage fabrics and wood, or even if they will be weathered. In such cases, it is ideal to use outdoor furniture and even cover them with plastic cover.