Qualifications and duties of care home worker

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Aged Care employees give support to senior individuals by helping with daily activities and private tasks. This usually includes providing support with consumption, showering, dressing, tidying, and cleanup. Aged Care employees will work from their client’s home or residential care facility.

You’ll support individuals with all aspects of their day to day living, as well as social and physical activities, care, mobility, and mealtimes. Care employees at Care Homes Leicester work in people’s own homes, or within the community. Care employees who add the community are generally known as living accommodations carers which regularly involves travelling to completely different people’s homes.

Qualifications of a care home employee

You can get into this job through:


You could take a university course, which can facilitate after you hunt for work. Courses include:

  • Level one Certificate in Health and Social Care
  • Level two certificate in Care


You could get into this job through an adult care employee intermediate berth or a lead adult care employee advanced berth.

Volunteering and knowledge

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You could do voluntary work with a corporation that supports vulnerable individuals. You could achieve a lot of senior roles, managing individuals or services.

As your career develops, you’ll march on to higher-level qualifications, like a foundation degree, social service degree, or Level five certificate in Leadership and Management for Adult Care.

Duties of a care home employee

As a Care Assistant, you may work with vulnerable people to assist them to live their lives to the complete. it’s the final word ‘people job’ – you’re another person’s lifeline and you’re usually the sole skilled they establish any variety of relationship with.

In this role you’ll be:

  • Getting to recognize purchasers and their interests and desires
  • Helping with care like laundry, exploiting the restroom, and dressing
  • Food preparation, feeding and giving out medication
  • Carrying out general tasks like housekeeping, laundry, and looking
  • Helping purchasers manage their budget, pay bills and write letters
  • Going with purchasers to and from a residential home
  • Supporting families with new caring responsibilities
  • Giving emotional and sensible support to kids and youngsters
  • Working with different health and social care professionals to produce individual care and Development plans
  • Helping to prepare leisure activities

Your daily routine is going to be as varied because of the wants of the individuals you’re taking care of. you may usually be serving to individuals to scrub and dress, eat and drink, and act their daily activities. you may be prepared for them or taking them looking, filling in their forms, or just lifting them into a lighter position in bed.

You’ll usually be the primary to alert nurses or doctors regarding new health issues – and you’ll be liaising with these different professionals to figure out the correct care arrangement for your purchasers.

One of the first tasks of an Aged Care employee is to rearrange and facilitate activities designed to reinforce the various varieties of upbeat emotional, social, and physical. From games and horticulture to reading and mild exercise, Aged Care employees facilitate to make sure their senior charges are cared for, happy and connected.

Aged Care employees are usually friendly, patient, and compassionate those that relish talking with senior individuals the maximum amount as they relish helping them with their tasks.

How much are you able to earn as a home care worker?

The average hourly pay money for a Health Care Assistant is $14.05. the foremost common annual pay is often  between $50k and $60k