Reasoning With the SEO Shopify Process Now

shopify seo

A friendly URL is a URL where just by looking and reading your information you can understand what that document or page is about. By analyzing these user-friendly URLs, search engines also easily understand the information and reward your page for bringing it more clearly. There are several ways to build a friendly URL, depending of course on the programming language. Check with your IT team to find out which language you use so you can build your friendly URLs. For the shopify seo also the deals are perfect now.

shopify seo

Related products

It’s very interesting that you have a related product listing on your product page, so your users and search engines can see this connection. The more you relate your products, the more relevance and link juice you will bring to your internal pages, helping to improve your positioning.

Manufacturer Description

One of the big problems, in terms of SEO, is that online stores usually replicate the descriptions that come from manufacturers, generating a huge amount of duplicate content on the Internet. This happens even in large retailers. This description is the same as 143 different stores, so Google should decide which of these 143 pages, which have the same content, is the best to talk about 30L Stainless Steel Microwave Oven.

The tip here is, whenever you can, create your product pages by offering:

  • Technical product information,
  • Frequently Asked Questions about the product (Check the Free Market or Yahoo! Answers),
  • Comparatives, videos and photos.

Special dates

Take note of the key dates in the year when your niche sales increase. Based on this, prepare your website for key dates of the year by offering special pages that include:

  • Discounted products,
  • Tips for users
  • Illustrative images,

A really cool tip here is that you can use Google Insights to find out when your niche has the most traffic, so that users are looking for more about your subject at that time of year. One thing: Don’t think about optimizing for a special date that is less than 15 days from planning. Ideally, plan all actions at least 3 months in advance.

User Comments and Reviews

Whenever someone buys a product from your online store, request a review from the buyer after 1 or 2 weeks, as this gives you a great source of unique content on the Internet, letting them express their opinions about the products through of comments and reviews.

Buying Guides

A very interesting way to create content for ecommerce is to create buying guides that educate users by answering questions about certain products, helping them make the decision to buy a product. In terms of SEO, these guides are a very effective strategy for attracting external referrals links from people discussing the topic, meaning if someone has a question that has already been addressed through your shopping guide, it is very likely that person recommend to others with the same doubt.


Another way to attract users’ attention and referrals is to create comparisons between similar or competing products. These comparatives basically display the qualities and defects of each of the products in question, helping users in choosing the product.

In terms of SEO, comparatives are the so-called link magnets, as people usually like to link to these products. A very nice balcony is to compare products that have just entered the market with the competing products, showing the positive and negative points of each one.