Renewable energy plans and policies of the country

Energy Plans

Renewable energy plans are a beneficial source of electricity production. Because renewable energy plans make the pollution less, and also the beneficial factor of the environment. Creating the less polluted environment and then the economically reputed of the sectors. Because of renewable energy, every source gets benefited. India is known to be the most available production of energy sources through renewable energy. The Energy Plans of the country make the growth in the economy of the nation. Renewable energy is the energy that is collected from renewable sources like sunlight, wind, rain, waves, and heat. The source of renewable energy provides four important sources like air, water, heat, and rural energy services.

Outline of renewable energy:

Energy Plans

In contrast with other energy sources, renewable energy provides significant resources and opportunities for energy efficiency over the geographical areas. Renewable energy sources are concentrated by only a little number of countries. Renewable energy and energy efficiency provides a beneficial economy in the country. Renewable energy reduces environmental pollution, as well as the economy of the nation, would be raised. Through renewable energy, air pollution is controlled and it helps to improve the health of the people. Directly or indirectly the natural resources help energy production through sun, water, and wind which will be able to produce energy for another one billion years. The sun would be predicted to produce more heat over the years so the production of the energy source might be higher in range. Through the concern of global warming and climate change would help the equipment which is used to produce renewable energy through wind turbines and solar panels. Global warming and climate change would make out with increased use of renewable energy sources.

History of renewable energy:

In the middle of the 19th century, the importance is given to the development of coals. Without any doubt, the biomass is the oldest use of renewable energy more than a million years ago. After biomass, the wind is known to be the second oldest usage of renewable energy to drive the ships. Until the outbreak of World War I the development of solar energy is continued. In the year 1911, only the importance of solar energy was identified. In the year 1956, the theory of the peak oil was published, and the generation of wind power removed the dependence of oil in the year 1970. Then the first time, electricity through wind turbines is produced. The production of solar farms is very difficult because of its cost until 1980; solar energy is used for cooling and heating.

Production of wind power:

The wind turbines are run through the flow of the wind. The wind speed is the main source for the production of energy. So the flow of the wind determines the increasing level of wind energy.

Hydropower energy source:

The considerable flow of energy is produced through the water even it is eight hundred times denser than air. If the water flow slowly or the waves of the sea level is slow it is enough to produce considerable energy through it. Typically 500 MW power can be produced through hydroelectric power installation with small hydro systems. That power installation might be in the small river or low impact river ranges.