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Titan Skip Bins

Titan Skip Bins

In today’s world with modern technology, it is quite difficult to manage the garbage solid waste from the home, Buildings, hospitals, and even big organizations. To overcome this difficult task government Took various measures like separate departments for segregating and disposing of these solid wastes. The main reason is that the population will increase tremendously and therefore there will be More and more waste. Nowadays people will gain more knowledge About waste management through social media like Facebook, Instagram, and also in many ways. Now the private organization plays a vital role in these sectors. When I heard the news that the private organization named Titan Skip Bins Collect waste at a very low cost and recycled and used it in many ways. All of us were aware of the word recycling which means waste collected is involved in the process and these wastes are separated into several categories and ground into Very fine particles. And again, these are used in the production field. So that they are useful, eco-friendly, and harmless. Some of the things involved in the recycled process are paper, glass some plastics Etc. And the next thing I going to take part in is reduced. To avoid an increase in waste we should Reduce the usage of unnecessary things. This is also one of the powerful steps in waste management. And the last thing we should try to remember is reuse. We should try to reuse the waste in proper way Like plastic bottles as a flower vase, container for pens, pencils.

Save the Earth

To save our mother earth, we should go with greenery ideas. Every child should be educated about the value of the life of man on this earth. Not only this, each child should be educated with Discipline, good manners, and giving respect to others and much knowledge about current problems faced by mankind at the global level. Like global warming, abuse against girl children, racial discrimination, infectious viruses, starvation of food for mankind in the future, scarcity of water, political issues. So that he gains the confidence to face such kinds of issues and overcome them with victory. According to one study, student power is the most powerful weapon in the world. Student power should be used in the right way so that he could Acquire knowledge from his childhood days. Not only for children and students, everyone should be aware of all the things. So that he could be the survival of the fittest. According to me, food, shelter, clothes are not only basic need in addition to that problem-solving skill and efficiency are much important. So that he can Positively lead the world. Today’s situation is one of the most suitable examples of this. Even though we are equipped with more scientific knowledge, and manpower still is struggling with this virus. We couldn’t find any solution for this virus to date. From now everyone’s dream should not encircle with the doctor, teacher, engineer. They should break the rings surrounded by themselves by their knowledge and willpower. The last thing we should remind is we should live to lead.