Some tips to use the Ad blocker


From now on, you might see only a few ads on the web. The Ad blocker will block the ads on the sites which irritates the users with the annoying behavior like automatically playing videos, images. The ad blocker will filter all the ads appear on the sites, not only the annoying ads. The ad blocker blocks the ads which discourages the web or any browser users. Ad block will help you to save the time in the web searching.  According to many surveys many users are installing the Adblock software in their system. The people who are using the ad blockers giving the different reasons for blocking ads such as privacy, concerns, time taken to load a page, visual clutters and waste of time. The ad blocker will filter all the ads. Then allow only some ads.

Tips to save your memory:

If you absorb that your Ad blocker using the large amounts of memory or creating the problems frequently, just follow these suggestions if you want. Open the Ad block’s page and then close it. In the Ad block’s options, disable the Easy List and the custom properties once and then again enable them. After that restart your browser. It will save your memory. The ad blocker does not appear to be a memory leak. It is just an issue with how the ad blocker handles the memory. Every tab or any extensions in your browser runs and grabs some memory available in your system or in your smart phone. When a tab or extension is closed, then there is no need of memory to it. The memory will return to the system. In this case the ad blocker using browsers delaying in returning the memory. After sometime the browser will slow down and the memory will returned to the system. It just taking some time to return it. So you don’t have to worry about your memory when you are enabling or download the ad blocker software in your system. There is a large number of ads on the web that means the filter lists them and block them. So it will take more than 100 mb each. This will cause some impact on your memory resources in the system. Because ad block runs on every tab you open in your system. Every tab will takes a little amount of memory. There are some steps you can take to decrease the memory usage of the ad blocker in your system.


First disable some in the filter’s list that you don’t need. Ad block will run on the tabs you open, so more tabs open in the browser means more amount of memory used. So close the tabs which you don’t need. Only keep open the tabs in which you are working. Use the ad block wisely. Always subscribe to the Easy list without element hiding. This will free up some space in the memory.


Now you can happily surf in the web without having any annoying disturbances.