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Professional Family Tree Research, Hire a Researcher, Professional Research

Want to tell the story of your family to your children or grandchildren? Here are some tips for starting your family tree. Want to tell the story of your family to your children or grandchildren? What if you made a family tree? Here are some tips to get started. You can have the Professional Family Tree Research, Hire a Researcher, Professional Research made for the same now.

Make your family tree: where to start

Want to learn more about your origins? Thanks to the Internet, it has become much easier: all you need is your computer (and a little patience). Indeed, making a family tree can take a lot of time. You can also Hire a Researcher for the same now.

Before you begin your research, ask yourself what you really expect and decide how far you want to go back: do you just want to learn more about your family’s origins, or to know your distant ancestors? In case of Professional Research this is important now.

Professional Family Tree Research, Hire a Researcher, Professional Research

Make your family tree: how to proceed

Start by listing all the family members you know, with their dates and places of birth, as well as their relationship. Take a tour in the attic and search through the boxes to find documents: birth certificates of your parents, civil states. You may even find some nice treasures like old photographs or announcements. You will already have a solid foundation of work.

Then go to a genealogy site. There are several that will allow you to collect various sources in record time. You can use an Excel spreadsheet to collect your data or build your family tree directly online. Some sites offer dozens of different models – you will necessarily find one that meets your expectations. In love with paper? You can also opt for a handwritten presentation, more tedious but also more authentic. And once finished, you can even frame your family tree.

Do your family tree: some tips

Arm yourself with patience: even if you have difficulty finding information, persevere, vary the sources, the more sources and documents you have, the more reliable your data will be. It would be a shame to finally realize that your entire family tree is wrong only because a date was incorrect.

Be methodical: it is advisable to do one branch at a time. This will prevent you from scattering and mixing data. Result? You will advance faster.

Who are my ancestors?

  • A question often at the origin of a quest for identity, that of the history of his family. The genealogy is currently experiencing a real craze. But how to get started? Francis Christian, author of The Genealogy for Dummies, gives us valuable advice.

Each year in October, the Days of Genealogy take place in Toulouse. An event dedicated to the discovery of his ancestors and the realization of his family tree. Much more than just a hobby, it’s a real passion for many French people.

Genealogy knows a real craze

A craze that affects nearly one in two families (42%) reveals an Ipsos survey dated June 2013. While one French in 4 (23%) has already done research, 25% say they are in favor of carrying out this research. investigation of their origins. It is undeniable, to raise his family tree raises many desires, and this since a long time! Originally, in the sixteenth century, the family tree was used to highlight the bearers of the name of the family. This quest was essentially reserved for the nobles. “Today, this approach has largely been democratized, for fifty years, and affects all social classes,” said Francis Christian, author of The Genealogy for Dummies . Far from being an activity reserved for the elderly, it is also the subject of requests from 18/20 years, adds our expert.