The Perfect Evolution for the Vape Juice

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In traditional cigarette smoke, there are over 5.6 thousand various chemical compounds, toxic and carcinogenic. It is not only about those that arise in the combustion process, such as carcinogenic tar substances, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or carbon monoxide, which causes the conversion of hemoglobin to carboxyhemoglobin, hindering the process of respiration and the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Cigarettes themselves are packed with chemistry because many poisonous compounds are added to the tobacco during the production process. Also, those that make you addicted to nicotine faster, e.g., ammonia derivatives increase the amount of dopamine secreted in the smoker’s brain this is how nicotine works, this is the reward system), and thus strengthen addiction. Now with Naked 100 the E-cigarettes have changed

The aerosol that is produced from the e-cigarette fluid has only a few components, nicotine is a highly addictive neurotoxin, but non-carcinogenic, and above all also present in cigarettes, water, propylene glycol or glycerol or a mixture of these compounds, as well as from a few to a dozen or so flavors and fragrances, approved for use in cosmetics and foodstuffs. It’s like heaven and earth.

  • The only problem is that the liquid components are heated in an electronic cigarette to a temperature of 200 degrees. We have evidence that if glycerin is heated up, traces of formaldehyde, acrolein and acetaldehyde appear, and therefore carcinogenic, toxic compounds. However, their concentrations, at least in some liquids, are minimal, ten times lower than the threshold concentration of formaldehyde in the air, at which over 50%. People feel the irritation of mucous membranes. Not to mention the fact that there are several times more gas in the exhaust.
  • It is known that the harmfulness of liquids with the content of glycerin is higher in cheap and unproven e-cigarettes models that heat smoke to very high temperatures, releasing acrolein. Many liquids contain no glycerin; only propylene glycol is the carrier. But you cannot say about them that they are 100 percent. Safe, although glycol is used in food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic products, and even in inhalers prescribed to patients after lung surgery. However, we use the drug only for a few weeks. We simply do not know how lungs will respond to glycol doses served non-stop for many years. You cannot claim that e-cigarettes are safe. Most likely, however, they are definitely less harmful than traditional ones.

Facts and myths

What we still do not know is what long-term effects will come from the inhalation of aerosol from e-cigarettes. There were no differences in hemodynamic parameters between non-smokers and e-cigarettes users. Smoking cigarettes of traditional cigarettes are much worse.

Because there are few studies, there are no regulations or standards. The compounds in similar amounts are also found in the air exhaled by healthy people who did not smoke or use e-cigarettes. Suspected of carcinogenicity, formaldehyde is one of the natural metabolites in the human body discusses the blog with this alarming report.

Naked 100

Opponents of e-cigarettes, who want to ban their use in public places, are still analyzing what is in the e-smokers steaming. So traces of nicotine. Too small to add dependence to a person staying in the same room, but it’s better to breathe coldly. In addition, according to the deputy minister, inhalation may facilitate the spread of pathogenic microorganisms, and the risk is certainly greater when using these products in closed rooms.