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The Safe and Sound Options for the Air Conditioning

ATEX Air Conditioners

Have you decided to buy an air conditioner and do not know where to start? An air conditioner is not such a simple appliance for household needs, which is simply bought, brought home and turned on. The main thing when buying an air conditioner is proper installation. After all, the time of its working condition depends on how the air conditioner is correctly mounted and installed. That is, it will serve you for many years without breakdowns.

World practice has shown that 80% of breakdowns and defects are the result of poor-quality, unskilled installation. Usually, this happens if some kind of folk craftsman or one-day company installs the air conditioner. Such problems can be avoided by contacting a serious company that has been on the market for at least one year. With the ATEX Air Conditioners you can have the best choices.

Even better if this company sells HVAC equipment

Such a company will help you with the purchase and installation of the selected equipment. And in the future will be engaged in service. Such firms have highly qualified employees, constantly improving their skills and knowledge, as well as the necessary special tools.

ATEX Air Conditioners

Believe me, no serious self-respecting company, no matter what it does, can offer you high-quality modern tools and personnel at prices below market. Do not look for “specialists” with a free installation using cheap tools or it is better to abandon the air conditioner altogether. After all, improper installation of HVAC equipment by a boomerang will return to you in the form of permanent breakdowns or ruined health.

Consult with friends who already have a similar model, where, in which company they bought the equipment. What problems did they have after the purchase? How are the warranty and service? What are their impressions of the company that installed the equipment for them? How the installation was carried out: what equipment, how responsibly did the masters in the installation of HVAC equipment behave?

The Smart Availability

Even the availability of specialized equipment does not guarantee the absence of the so-called human factor. Having picked up the best tool, a person will not become a master. Therefore, take an interest in contacting the company, how many years it has existed in the market, what experience it has. Find out about the services that you are ready to offer. Find out how long it will install and debug the equipment you purchased. After all, a serious company will not drag out time but will do everything efficiently and on time.

  • Know that a design manager must visit your home. He will help with the choice of installation location, calculate the power of the air conditioner because out of ignorance you can buy too powerful or too weak air conditioning. Also, ask that you provide all the prices for installation and maintenance services in writing. Remember, if you install the equipment incorrectly, then the warranty will be refused.

Last Words

Remember that warranty and service are two different things. The warranty often does not exceed 12 months. Service involves ensuring the proper conditions for the operation of equipment. This is dust removal, checking and refueling with a special gas. Such work requires certain skills and knowledge of the staff. It happens that in some companies after-sales service consists in replacing the batteries in the remote control.