Tricks to Use Bitcoin Blender Like a Pro

Bitcoin Mixing Service

Imagine yourself using a secure Bitcoin mixer, which gives you anonymity in transactions involving cryptocurrency, and you later realize that your transactions were being tracked. This may sound like a horror story, but it really did happen and when the Anonymity service Anonymization Event check revealed the truth, many Bitcoin mixers had to scramble desperately to fix their security leaks.

Bitcoin Mixing Service

Although Bitcoin mixer services have since made changes to their systems and are no longer vulnerable, reputation damage has already happened. The Bitcoin Mixing Service really comes up to be a perfectly made service for you.

What Are Bitcoins?

Only in 2009 did the history of cryptocurrencies begin to come out of the trunk of internet forums to be implemented for the use of ordinary people. Bitcoin, the world’s most recognized cryptocurrency, is launched to the public this year by its creator. Little is known about identity, but Blockchain, the technology he developed, modernized the system behind cryptocurrencies and enabled them to expand their use.

Security Features of a Truly Secure Bitcoin Mixer

Anonymity service may be relatively new to the market, but it takes anonymity very seriously. Anonymity service is superior to other services in the industry as it offers an unsurpassed level of security for all transactions and has created redundancies in its systems to ensure that your Bitcoin information cannot be accessed and that no one can track your transactions involving cryptocurrency. To ensure that it remains a secure Bitcoin mixer, Anonymity service has included these security features:

  • Each receiving address has a transfer delay of up to minutes.
  • SSL protected system
  • User information at both ends is not required, nor is user information stored
  • Transfers distribution to tenths of a percentage point
  • 10 pickup addresses available per user

Tor-compliant site version

Anonymity service also launched the first Mixer Strength Meter to help users become familiar with the Bitcoin mixer. This feature helps users assess whether they are applying the right mixer principles. To further guide users, Anonymity service facilitates the release process with a video tutorial that shows you how to mix Bitcoins the right way.

Anonymity services secure Bitcoin mixer service not only works with Bitcoin, but can anonymize transactions for other important cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV. Anonymity service has some of the lowest service rates in the industry and provides an API that will allow developers to include the service on their own site.

Most Bitcoin mixing services use a single pool to pay new customers. This reservation is made up of cryptocurrency deposited by other customers. Anonymity service named this pool the Alpha pool, but added two new reserve pool types to further enhance anonymity. Beta pool reservations are obtained from larger Alpha pool transactions, from their own reserves and invested currencies, while the Gamma reserve, specifically intended for customers wishing to break the link between their old and new addresses, is obtained only from private reserves.