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Do you know how to do market research to open a business or to enter a particular product or service? Market research is a powerful tool to better investigate the region or segment that a company intends to operate. It is also used for product launches or service satisfaction assessments. This process aims to improve marketing efforts and can be done by companies of all sizes and segments. Here are some simple tips for conducting market research for your business. From the Space Market Observer you can have the perfect options.

How to do market research step by step

Well-designed market research can help a company’s manager make decisions with the data obtained it is possible to analyze the scenario to guide the company’s next steps. Check out the simple tips for conducting market research:

Definition of the research objective and target audience

Firstly, it is very important for the company to keep in mind why it is conducting market research, it is necessary to have this clear objective and to know where it wants to get the results and what decisions can be made from the collected data. To follow up, it is necessary to focus on the target audience. It is no use having all this work to consult people who are not interested in your segment. Perhaps this is the hardest step because the goal is to understand how the company, product or service will be received in the market. For this, the customers that the company already has can be consulted.

Do Objective Market Research

From now on, it is necessary to elaborate on questions for the target audience. They must be short and focused so that people do not give up answering since the goal is to collect as much information as possible. An important step is always to test the questions internally before they are launched, in this step it is possible to analyze possible difficulties of understanding and also if all the important issues for the company are being addressed in the questionnaire.

Apply Market Research

It is important to know the day and time to perform market research, there are studies that prove that the highest audience rate is on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays. Depending on the target audience should not be sent at the end of the month and beginning of the month due to the increased burden of appointments of professionals in companies, as they may no longer engage in other matters.

Market research can be done through emails, electronic invitations, making available on the company’s website, Google Forms within Google Docs collects data and links in a Google spreadsheet in short, are several technological tools that can be leveraged. Some companies refer to customers after closing business or even a more direct application such as on the streets, telephone, among others.


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Define goal and audience. Do objective market research. Apply market research. Evaluate the data. Analyzing market research data should be thorough and can help the company make the most advantageous decisions focused on marketing strategies to increase sales. If managers prefer, there are specialized companies that prepare the whole project for the measurement of public opinion in order to evaluate the services or identify new growth opportunities of the company.