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What makes the Cleaning Business Shine Out Now

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Ask yourself the question of setting up a franchiseشركة تنظيف فلل بالرياض cleaning business. This part of your business creation will naturally flow from your market research and your desires. Do you want to join a group by creating a franchise company? The possibilities in this area are numerous, as observed by different professionals there are many companies that maintain commercial, industrial or office premises looking for franchisees varied.

Of course, if you join a network, you will be less free in your management and your working methods, and you will have to pay entrance fees as well as an annual fee. But in return, you can rely on communication tools, training, and an already acquired reputation.

Define the human and material needs of a cleaning company

The human needs for the creation of your cleaning company will of course be proportional to your ambitions and the choice of your concept. If you want to create a micro-enterprise to meet the needs of individuals or small traders, for example, you will be alone in charge and at work. If you hope to immediately invest in the office or factory cleaning market, for example, you will need a trained team and therefore recruit qualified personnel.

On the material side, the same observation: the initial investment is not necessarily very important, but it is necessary to take into consideration the fact that a cleaning company must be equipped with efficient equipment. Do not skimp on quality so as not to see your efficiency suffer or have to quickly reinvest because of rapidly obsolete or defective equipment. It is up to you to identify precisely the list of equipment you will need and to quantify the amount of the investment so that it appears in your financial forecast.

Additional services to create a cleaning company

Beyond the possible personnel and the equipment necessary for the exercise of your trade, you will have to subscribe to several essential services. We are thinking in particular of professional insurance to cover you in the event of injury or if you damage something with your customers, a professional bank account, or even a telephone and Internet subscription.

But also to your marketing needs: website, flyers, newspaper advertisement depending on your target activity, you will have to deploy an arsenal of communication tools, more or less expensive. Finally, you may want or need to use the services of an accounting firm to help you with the administrative part. Whatever your choices, we strongly advise you to ask for several quotes for each item of expenditure in order to create competition and opt for the most attractive offers.

Choose the legal structure of your cleaning company

Any company creation goes through the inevitable choice of legal status. For your cleaning business, it will all depend on the dimension you want to give it. This decision is important because it impacts both the tax regime and the social regime of the manager, as well as the governance of the company.

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There are many options in this area:

  • Micro-enterprise
  • The sole proprietorship (whether or not limited)
  • The simplified joint-stock company
  • The one-person simplified joint-stock company
  • The limited liability company
  • The one-person company with limited liability

To help you choose the best solution for your project, experts recommend that you read an online guide to legal status.