What You Can Achieve with the quora partner program

quora partner program

Focusing on quantity over quality will only consume your precious time. Quora users are organic. This means that there are real humans who think and are able to find out if you are trying to sell a product or if your intention really is to help. Therefore, always prioritize quality over quantity. In the end, a valuable response is the only thing that will bring these visitors to your site or encourage them to buy your product. TheĀ quora partner program is the perfect option here.

Business competition forces you to be smart, as well as find and use more effective marketing strategies. Like it or not, today the internet is the best place to do this. Expanding your business by engaging an online audience through platforms like Quora is one of the best ways to reach higher organic traffic. After all, Quora is a great place to build customer trust and discreetly sell your product.

quora partner program

However, keep in mind that consistency is the main key to making this strategy work. Remember that every day there are 200 million Quora visitors waiting to be your potential customers. The Q&A site Quora announced Monday that it had been hacked and had data from its users exposed.

The invasion took place on November 30, compromising information from about 100 million people registered on the site. Information obtained and exposed by cybercriminals consists of data such as full name, email address, encrypted passwords, information imported from user-authorized third-party networks, public content and actions such as questions, answers and comments, and non-public data.

Publics like reply requests and direct messages.

Quora is already informing users of what has happened and asking for some action to be taken to prevent further damage, such as logging out accounts, resetting passwords, and seeking to find out if there has been any harm to security companies. The attack, however, should not cause monetary damage as the site does not store payment data such as credit card numbers.

What is Quora?

In simple words this is the largest site of questions and answers. Users from all over the world flock here to find a quick solution to their problem or to satisfy interest and curiosity. With Quora, we can not only attract more traffic, but also promote a personal brand, trademark, or ourselves as an expert. Here, a variety of areas of interest revolve:

From IT to marketing, love advice, cooking or politics:

That’s because literally any question can be asked. Quora can be used as:

  • Traffic source.
  • A source of popular topics that you can expand or explain or discuss.
  • A source to follow successful people from your industry.

The source where SEO works 100%

A source that gives you access to CA through emails. Why use Quora to generate traffic?

Free traffic

Answering questions, users can leave links to various sites in their answers. It is not prohibited. Qualitative, relevant answers often get a lot of free traffic.

Traffic from the first day

Like any other platform, Quora allows you to create advertising campaigns. One option is to create an advertising campaign so that your brand is shown to users who ask questions on relevant topics. With Quora, you can choose the perfect CA for your content. This leads us to the next point.

Targeted content promotion

Want to advertise your content to marketing managers or other bloggers? What about teachers, lawyers, doctors or housewives? Here you can purposefully promote content as you wish.