Why Choose Limoncello Dolceterra


Limoncello: The Taste of Italy

Dolceterra is an upmarket retailer store supplier of Grocery and Gourmet food which are need of every food lovers who wish to taste the cuisine of Italy. Apart from these they are specialized in offering their traditional drink storage jars which come along with glasses as well. It is the decision of buyer that he wants only the bottled Jar or even the glasses to serve the lemonade drink that is a sweet drink served to guest after having their night meals made from fresh lemons bit alcoholic. Yes, you are right! We are talking all about the limoncello Italian traditional drink that was prepared by a lady of Capri, Italy named Maria Antonia Farace in 1990s when she lived in a small house that had lemon and orange plantation. After her grandson tasted this sweet drink he introduced this amazing drink in his bar and soon got famous as Italian Traditional drink throughout the world.

For preparation of this drink, lemons are harvested in warmer months that start from February till October. The lemons are hand plucked so that they don’t fall on the ground. To prepare this great Italian drink lemons are collected not only from Capri, but from Sorrento and the Amalfi coast in Italy. At present, Dolceterra are supplying these lemon painted handmade glass bottles or jars from long time which are known best as Vietri ceramic bottles. These glass bottles with lemon in yellow color look vibrant and classic and calls for celebrations every day after dinner. So they can be used best as gift articles for your loved ones after filling your homemade lemonade drink that doubles the celebration.

Why Choose Dolceterra Glass Bottles?

As this Italian drink is made of lemons the dolceterra glass bottles which are handmade exhibit painting of fresh yellow lemons that add richness to the bottles and allows the guests to taste high quality lemonade drink that is served to guests once they had finished their dinner. This sweet drink prepared with sugar, water, lemons and some alcohol is sure a retreat to Italian food lover who loves to drink liquor at the end of his meals. When stored in dolceterra bottled jars this drink gains richness that is true craftsmanship of art and resembles unique in its appearance. Now suppose if anyone asks you a question about limoncella dolceterra? How about gifting them this festive season? Your answer should be Of course! They are great piece of art and craft which serves the Italian taste in the form of gift packs to present your loved ones as an advance Christmas gift!



Experience this unique Italian traditional drink in the glasses of dolceterra to add more joy to the celebrations as they are made of fine quality material which came to be known by Vietri artists who handpainted lemons on their Ceramic material that looks every bit natural but delicate to handle. Lemons in Italy are meant for love as red roses are used to express one’s love in other parts of the world. Celebrate this festive season with this yellow colored lemon painted dolcettera glasses to taste this pleasant smelling and sweet liquor of limoncello that is must to sip after dinner either directly or mixed with other fruit punch.