Great Choices for the Audi Servicing

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Crashing the car or grating the car’s paint is always a stressful situation for both the cause of the accident and the victim. After the discussion to find the culprit arises the issue of repairing both vehicles. Even if you use professional help and get the budgets in the palm of your hand (cell phone) without leaving home, the question about how to choose the best body shop and paint shop remain. With the audi service by you can have the smartest choices now. That’s why experts have put together a list of tips to help the vehicle owner choose the best workshop. Follow the text:

Be wary of values

audi service by

You know that cliché: can cheap be expensive? Well, the phrase may fit perfectly. Prices far below the table can be synonymous with non-quality, such as using a bad varnish, which will further damage the car’s paint. It is worth paying the fair price for the service and having a qualified professional available.

Qualified professional

Being a tinker or automotive painter requires qualification yes. Some say no, but there are specific courses for both areas. Remember, not every handyman guarantees excellence in every service.

Learn how to differentiate gold hammer and body shop service

Both are different services and knowing the characteristics of each is excellent. The gold hammer, besides being cheaper, is valid only for minor repairs and does not include painting the bodywork.

Un-mashing is not always the best idea

If the knock damaged the paint on the vehicle, gold hammer service will not be enough, for example. Therefore, the idea is to opt for a workshop that has an automotive paint service.

Proper paint booth

With the need for car paint service, it is necessary to check if the body shop has the place equipped for this. Space must be free of dirt such as dust. In addition, a special paper should be used to cover the vehicle so as not to tarnish the bodywork.


The workshop should also be attended by a professional who specializes in preparing the paint. Otherwise, the car owner can go home with a two-color vehicle, since the new paint is more intense.

And a time to dry?

The place also needs to have drying ovens as they control the temperature and optimize the processing time.


How about doing business with workshops that invest in water treatment and water use for reuse? These characteristics, of course, define a sustainable workshop.

Parts exchange

If the workshop of your choice has indicated that you have replaced a part, be aware and request the old part to make sure that the replacement has been made.

Mouth to mouth

An indication is everything. Despite all the current technology, word of mouth never fails. Good professionals are recognized in the market and make the workshop famous. It is very common for the automotive painting to be the second most sought after service in a body shop second only to the little hammer after all, the daily exposure of vehicles to the changing climate of the country can damage the bodywork and cause minor or major damage. But behind car paint is an experienced professional who has certainly studied to be an expert on the subject.