Smart Look with the Best Jewelry Items for You

handmade jewelry israel

It is good that you choose the faiths together, because they are the symbol of the love that binds you and that both of you will wear on your finger. But it is up to the future groom to buy them. If you want to give greater affective value to the real, let the marriage date and the other’s name be engraved on the inside. With the use of the handmade jewelry israel you can have the best deal.

An important moment

Even if your official engagement was very short and you decided to get married right away, avoid buying wedding rings and rings at the same time of engagement. You would diminish the importance of this moment, which deserves the utmost attention.

How much time before?

If you are looking for a model of special faiths, think about it in time, otherwise it takes two months before the wedding. To avoid embarrassing loss, the day before the ceremony it is good that he entrusts the rings to his witness, who will have the task of guarding them and handing them over to the priest.

The Forms of the Faiths

Today the most widespread wedding rings are:

  • Francesina, the classic queen of wedding rings, thin and slightly rounded.
  • Mantovana, taller and flatter.
  • Crossed, of modern design.
  • Quadrata, which is experiencing a particular fortune.
  • A band, extremely simple, but still very current and successful

The Favorite Materials

The wedding rings, traditionally in gold, yellow or red, are now also made in platinum; then there are models that combine various shades of gold, as it used to be in the real twisted, formed by a braid, and, today, in the modern faith with several crossed circles.

handmade jewelry israel

A precious faith

Faith can be something more than a sign, it can become a real jewel. Today many models have diamonds set, especially in the female version, while the male one has the same design as that for her but without precious stones.

Other Jewels

You can wear other jewels, in addition to faith, as long as they are sober and in harmony with the chosen dress and the general style you have adopted.

On the day of the ceremony the hands must be without ornaments to bring out faith faithfully. But if you want to wear an engagement ring, you can do it during the reception, putting it on the ring finger of your right hand.

If you wish, you can also wear other jewels, perhaps very precious, as long as they are not overly flashy: a pair of diamond earrings, for example, or a thin necklace of pearls or platinum. Instead, always take off your wristwatch, even if it’s all studded with diamonds.


The Germans were the first to adopt the wedding ring. The Roman and Christian worlds took this tradition from them.

In the Middle Ages the girl who wanted to guarantee herself eternal love tied a thread formed by her own hair and those of her beloved to a gold ring with a diamond. Then he carried the jewel on his heart for nine days and finally gave it to him. Loyalty was assured.

The choice to wear the ring on the ring finger of the left hand was linked to the belief that this finger was connected to the heart by a nerve. However it is evident that the reason could also be practical: the left hand works less than the right and the ring remains more protected.

Normally it is the groom who has to buy the faiths, but in some Italian regions his witnesses give them.

On The Skin

For the youngest and trendiest brides, the fashion of getting the faith tattooed directly on the skin is becoming established. Naturally the operation must be performed by a professional, with all the necessary precautions.