The Best Window Styles You Really Need Now

tilt and turn windows

Windows let light into the house. Where natural light is, there does not have to be an artificial light source and electricity costs are reduced. For the summer, the corresponding shading must be observed during the construction of the house: Shutters, awnings and other shading instruments prevent the sun from falling all day long. In the cold season, tilt and turn windows help to save heating energy with solar heat gains.

But that’s not all that’s possible with windows and house building: windows with opaque glazing offer a sometimes explicitly desired privacy, for example for the bathroom or in other rooms facing the street. Even more advanced is switchable glazing, where the user can switch from transparent to opaque or from white to blue at the push of a button.

Energy saving factor window

Especially windows and doors have an effect on how energy efficient a house is. They should therefore be of high quality and be expertly positioned and used. Unlike in conventional house construction, these services are already carried out in the factory and thus before final inspection of the components in modern prefabricated wood construction. The windows should have at least a double glazing, better still triple glazing. They are part of the thermal insulation and the higher quality they are, the further the energy consumption of the entire house can be reduced.

Select the windows to fit in your interior.

tilt and turn windows

Although it is very important to consider the exterior when choosing the windows, do not forget how they will look from the inside and how their function affects the interior of your home. For example, look in the bathroom for windows that allow enough light, but do not offer a direct view from the outside! It is better to use frosted glass and the windows themselves are slightly higher than the eye level. In public places where you need maximum light and good views from the inside, it is better to install large panoramic windows.

Take into account the position of the sun by selecting windows.

When planning a home, you should look at its position relative to the sun and place the windows so that the location is optimal. Think about whether the morning light will wake you up in the bedroom. Or, conversely, the light of the evening sun prevents the television. An unsuccessful window layout can also affect the excessive heating of your rooms.

Different ways of opening windows for different applications

Most houses have conventional sliding windows installed. This means that the moving part of the window can move horizontally or vertically to open it. There are double windows that move apart in different directions. In the apartments and old houses hanging windows are popular, which opens at an angle to the ventilation.

Use the windows as the compositional center of your interior.

If you have a nice view out the window or if the architecture of your house is unique then use the windows to emphasize its style. It is interesting to look at the protruding windows, which are composed of different parts. They are well suited for a kitchen, a bathroom or a small guest room while increasing the interior space. Use frames and saddles in various shapes to complement the details of your interior.