The Movies to watch at the first appointment


In this article, our tips on the ideal films for a first date: not only romantic movies or hot scenes, the first evening together can also be fun or tearful. You can find the best movies at movies123 .

  • First Step: Knowing each other
  • Second Step: Decide to go out together
  • Third Step: Organize the first appointment

Whether it’s because you have too many or too few ideas, not knowing what to do on the first date is a classic; you are afraid that something is not going well, to exaggerate, to opt for an activity that does not like the other. Simplicity in these cases is the best decision: from the classic dinner to the restaurant to the walk together, passing obviously for her, the “film in my house” proposal. Once the latter option is decided, however, another problem arises which film to watch or not to watch? Other than the “Being or not being” of Hamlet, this is the real dilemma when it comes to appointments with movies included! The ideal solution is to have a proposal ready for any kind: romantic, comic, action, so as to have already a first selection ready and at the same time leaving a margin of choice to make your partner feel involved.


We have therefore drawn up a list of titles for you that meets more tastes, so as to facilitate you in finding a good compromise.

Action film for the first date: “Deadpool”

It is perhaps not a conventional title, rather it is quite original and certainly disconcerting in some respects, but left behind prejudices because it brings together more passions: that for superheroes, action movies and comedy (really, the irony is wasted in 108 minutes!). The story sees the protagonist of a former mercenary who has been disfigured after an attempt to make him a superhero as the last beach to save him from cancer: this is the pretext that triggers a hunt for revenge and against time to save the beloved woman. So if you believe that laughing, along with a good deal of fighting, is the right way to break into the heart of your loved one, then the unconventional superhero Deadpool is what is right for you! And in case you want to go to the cinema together soon,

Film Comedy Romantica for the first appointment: “There’s mail for you”

Conceived as an “electronic” variant of the 1940 film “Scrivimifermoposta”, this romantic comedy starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan is a classic: the two protagonists know each other and fall in love in an anonymous chat room without knowing that in reality they they know and even, for work reasons, do not get along! But the curiosity and the growing affinity will have the upper hand on the two and will push them to the decision to meet. The final joke “I really wanted you to be. I wanted you to be with all of myself “and the resulting kiss could even push your he / she to show you his feelings finally. We hope that the ending is rosy even in reality!

Hot movie for the first date: Eyes Wide Shut

This is the last film by Stanley Kubrick and the last film shot together by the couple Tom Cruise – Nicole Kidman: dream, jealousy, mystery and eroticism are the fundamental ingredients of this film that sees a married couple involved in a series of disturbing events and certainly passionate that will push them to confront, both with themselves and with each other, on their desires and fears. The clamor aroused even before the release made it one of the most anticipated films in the history of cinema. With these premises, are you ready to let yourself be conquered, together, by the morbid curiosity surrounding this title?