What are the that have rules changed in Euro 2020?

جدول مباريات امم اوروبا

As we read the previous article, we can come to know that Euro 2020 have post ponded due to the pandemic issue of COVID-19. In the last year of 2020, the Covid -19 have issued and had driven the whole year. Through that pandemic issue, the people have suffered a lot. The raising of concern regarding this issue the impact on staff, visitors, players, and as well the host of twelve cities the Euro 2020 have been post ponded. Not only Euro مباريات اليوم مباشر 2020, the competitions regarding Union of European Football Association, which is shortly termed as UEFA have post ponded, the European leagues have suspended this may also include the La Ligue, Bundesliga, Serie A, Premier League, Ligue 1.

Change of rules 

On March 31, 2021the rule has been changed regarding substitutions there will be five substitutions in the tournament, but this year the executive committee of UEFA, has changed the rule as adding one member in substitution, that is from this year there will be six members in a team of substitution. The other rule changing is regarding times of changes in substitution. In UEFA there will be three opportunities in a change of substitutions, but the executive committee has changed as the group members can get nearly four opportunities in changing of substitutions.

جدول مباريات امم اوروبا


Of three or more than three teams get equal marks in completing the group matches, they used to follow the tie matches. There are some of the criteria through which the members used to select the team, that has been followed in group matches they are as follows,

· The group which have been scored a higher number of points

· Resulting in the difference of superior goals scored between the teams.

· Calculating the scores of superior goals in all matches.

· Calculation of winning goals which is present in higher goals.

· Highest position in qualifying the overall rank.

· Disciplinary points in each of the teams will be considered.

· The rule of a penalty shoot-out will be considered only when the two groups have the same points and as well several goals that have proceeded.

Hosting in group stages 

The cities who used to host the match, have paired as six teams, each team proceeds of two pairs. The host countries used to play a minimum of 2 matches at home.

The following pairs are distributed below

A group: Baku and Rome

B group: Copenhagen and Saint Petersburg

C group: Bucharest and Amsterdam

D group: Glasgow and London

E group: At present, group E consists of Saint Petersburg, but originally the group E had Dublin and Bilbao.

F group: Budapest and Munich.

Draw in finals

The following pots used to discuss the pots used in composition,

1st pot: the winner group ranked from one to six.

2nd pot: winner group ranked from seven to ten, and as well runners up from one to two.

3rd pot: Rank of runners group from three to eight.

4th pot: Rank of runners group from nine to twelve and the playoff winner from A-D.

This is about the draw in finals.