Duties performed by orthodontist

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Dentistry is a comprehensive branch of medicine, which deals with various diseases of teeth. It has many branches and one of them is orthodontics. A clinique dentaire Lausanne deals with all the diseases of the teeth while an orthodontist deals with alignment of the teeth. If they are misaligned, they can create various types of problems. If the teeth are misaligned, cleaning them becomes a difficult process. This can lead to tooth decay and people may lose their teeth early. Chewing food also becomes very difficult. Regarding the teeth cleaning, people can contact hygiƩniste dentaire Lausanne.

These problems can also lead to pain in various areas like head, neck, and back. Such patients should contact an orthodontist in his cabinet dentaire Lausanne. He can help them in aligning the teeth so that they can be aligned and all the problems are eliminated.

Why Orthodontist

An orthodontist Lausanne or dentist Lausanne can tell a patient whether they will get relief from orthodontics or not. This decision is taken after going through the medical and dental health history. They also use the tools to check the plaster models of the teeth, x-rays, etc. If orthodontics is needed, patients can visit clinique dentaire Lausanne where treatment can be started.

clinique dentaire Lausanne

A patient can find various tools in the cabinet dentaire Lausanne that will be used to treat his teeth problems. Before focusing on treatment, some tools can also be used for implants dentaires Lausanne if needed. Let us know about the problems dealt with an orthodontist.


This is also known as buck teeth. In this case, the location of the upper teeth is far from the lower ones as the upper teeth grow in forwarding direction.


In this case, the lower teeth are far from the upper ones as they grow in forwarding direction.


In this case, the upper teeth do not come down to the lower ones when the food is to be bitten and chewed.

Open Bite

In this case, there are gaps between the front teeth while biting the food.

Misplaced midline

This condition occurs when the upper front teeth center does not match with the center of lower teeth.


This condition occurs when there are gaps due to mission teeth. It can also occur when the teeth have grown but have not filled the gap.


This condition occurs when there are too many teeth in one place.

Treatment is done by the orthodontist

There are many tools used by the orthodontist, which are used to move the teeth at the correct position. Gentle pressure is applied on the jaw and the teeth. Some of these appliances have been discussed here.


This is one of the common tools used by the orthodontist. The braces consist of bands, brackets, and wires. Bands are fixed on the teeth with the help of wires. The front teeth are bonded with brackets. The brackets are then attached to the wires

Special fixed appliances

These appliances are used for those kids who have the habit of sucking the thumb. Teeth are attached to these appliances and create problems in sucking the thumb.

Wrapping Up

There are many other tools and techniques used by orthodontist like aligners, space maintainers, palatal expander, etc. which help in resolving teeth related problems.