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The Perspectives of Immigration: Your Choices

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The persuasive tones used in political debates and the instrumentalization of the mass media on the intensification of the migratory flow create a perception of crisis far from reality in Italian citizens. Among the Italians, the idea of ​​an invasion of foreigners is present, which in reality does not exist, as shown by the elaboration of the data collected in the 2018 Statistical Dossier. The immigration solicitors in london opens the best understanding of the matter now.

 A logic that of the media, dictated

According to the editors of the Dossier by political necessity and aimed at distorting public opinion, which despite the numbers and the evidence of the arguments fails to distance itself from hostile words and attitudes towards foreigners, fueling the climate of hatred that is spreading in our country.

Italians are European citizens with the most distant perception of reality compared to the number of foreigners present in the State territory. They believe there are more than twice those actually present. In Europe, the highest incidence of foreigners on the population is recorded in Luxembourg (47.6%), where foreigners are almost half of all residents, while in Italy their rate is 8.5% compared to the total of citizens.

There is a lower percentage than in Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom. As demonstrated by the “Closing News” report of the Carta di Roma association, although the issue of migration flows is central to media communication, most citizens are not aware that Italy is neither the country with the highest number high number of immigrants or the one that hosts more refugees and asylum seekers.

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Italians living abroad

When we talk about migrations, a relevant aspect is also that relating to the number of Italians who leave their country to move abroad, Italians in Italy have decreased by 203,000 units in 2017, a number that is constantly increasing. The number of Italians residing abroad is almost equal to that of foreigners in Italy. In the last few years, many young people prefer foreign countries, and this means that Italy becomes a country with a population that sees more and more elderly people (1 in 4 are over 65), and a rate of increasingly lower birth rate (1.27 children per fertile woman, compared to 1.97 for foreign women).

Origin of foreigners in Italy

Almost 200 different nationalities are represented among the residents of Italy. Half of the foreign residents are citizens of a European country (1.6 million, 30%). Americans are 7.2%, mostly Latin American citizens (6.9%). It is the Romanians who form the largest community in the Italian state, with 23.1% of the entire foreign presence of Italian residents. Immediately following the Romanian one, the other communities present are those of Albanians (8.6%), Moroccans (8.1%), Chinese (5.7%) and Ukrainians (4.6%).

Immigration as a resource

During the presentation of the 2018 Immigration Statistical Dossier, Franco Pittau, coordinator of the IDOS Study and Research Center, highlighted how the press of the last 10 years has described immigration not as wealth, but as something negative, thus generating a climate of hatred that does nothing but fuel fear and hinder integration. Immigration thus ends up generating insecurity and the idea that the foreigner can favor the paralysis of the situation of the economic crisis that our country is going through.