Effective Choices for the Energy Checkings

Power to Choose Texas

Are you looking for a new provider or are you going to choose an energy supplier for the first time? Then you probably have a number of questions. How should you switch? Do you opt for green energy? And do you want a single or double rate? We have listed the most important issues. You need the best Power to Choose Texas and there you need the best bits.

Choose an energy supplier

Choosing an energy supplier for the first time is not difficult. These tips will help you on your way. Compare the rates of various energy suppliers. Calculate the total price with your consumption. In addition to delivery rates, there are also costs for transport, VAT, standing charge and energy tax. See which supplier is the most sustainable and delivers the greenest electricity.

Read the conditions: how long is an action rate valid? What prices apply after that? Are there costs associated with certain payment methods or payment reminders? Does the contract form suit you?

Power to Choose Texas

You can do this all through the Energy Comparer. Do you want to make it easy for yourself? Then go to the Energy Collective and take advantage of our negotiations with energy suppliers about competitive rates. Have you selected a supplier? Then pass on the meter readings to your supplier. Save a copy yourself. The supplier sets an installment amount. Check the meter readings on the contract carefully.

Your energy bill down

Buying energy together is advantageous. Join the Energy Collective and save up to hundreds of euros. We arrange everything for you.

Switching to another energy supplier

Consumers often switch because of better conditions, lower rates or better customer service but also because they consider sustainable energy important and opt for a greener supplier. In the event of a move, the energy supplier can simply relocate. You are required to report the relocation. A final settlement is then made for the old house. Read more about switching.

Pay attention

You will not receive a promised welcome discount if you cancel the contract early. You must pay a fine if you terminate your fixed-term contract prematurely. You have to pay extra if you want to pay your bill via giro, as opposed to payment via iDeal or direct debit. The new supplier can ask you for a deposit if he thinks you are a payment risk due to debts or payment arrears. After switching, carefully check the final bill that you get from your previous supplier.

Your energy bill down

Buying energy together is advantageous. Join the Energy Collective and save up to hundreds of euros. We arrange everything for you. You cannot currently view videos because you have not accepted cookies for this. Do you still want to watch videos? Then change your cookie settings and accept the YouTube cookies.

How do you switch to a different supplier?

Changing energy supplier can be done in 3 different ways:

  • Via an energy auction or collectively, such as the Consumers’ Association.
  • Through a comparator, such as the Energy Comparator of the Consumers’ Association.
  • Arrange your transfer yourself.

When you decide to switch, take into account a possible fine if you cancel your fixed-term energy contract prematurely. In total it takes 3 to 4 weeks before you switch. This includes legal reflection time. The transfer duration is of course also dependent on the cancellation period and end date of the current contract.