Finest Car rental Deals for You

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Whether for a wedding or simply to fulfill a child’s dream, more and more individuals dream of renting a collector car for a few hours or a day. But renting a classic car should not be done too quickly and without taking some precautions. In the case of the car hire this is important now.

Rent and collect your classic car

There are of course the rental companies who are looking for a specific model, but there are also the lovers of old cars who are looking for the favorite, this is the case for weddings for example. For the latter, a nice ad and a well-presented car will make all the difference.

car hire

It is, therefore, necessary to take beautiful photos and photograph the car from all angles or almost and in nice simple and neutral decor. To properly rent your classic car or young timer, you also need to set a fair and reasonable price without forgetting the deposit which is essential.

Rent a vintage car in perfect condition

This is one of the main conditions for a good rental. This applies to both those who rent it and those who enjoy it for a few days. Mechanical concerns must therefore be resolved beforehand and the car delivered in perfect condition to be able to provide a few hours of rides or for a collection of vintage cars.

Because if there was a problem to manage, it is better that it is the owner who takes care of it. A simple amateur without any knowledge of the model could cause more damage by wanting to do the right thing.

To travel abroad while traveling, car rental often turns out to be the best option. Definitely practical, and often even more economical, renting a car gives travelers great freedom and flexibility in their itinerary. So how do you hire a vehicle for your vacation? What are the conditions for driving abroad? The answers to your questions are in this article.

The thing to know:

Some countries and some rental companies require a minimum age of 21 years or even 25 years to rent a vehicle, as well as a license of a minimum of 1 year. So be sure to find out about the destination car rental conditions before your departure. Check all the levels as well as the tires to take no risk. And also remember to provide everything you need in the car: the manual, adequate oil, coolant and your phone number in case.

Know how to select the rental company before renting your collector car

The owner of a classic car will necessarily be anxious about the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčleaving his car with another. But just ask your rental candidate to learn more about him and reassure himself:

  • Why does he want to rent the car?
  • What type of roads will he take? What type of walk does he intend to take?
  • Who will drive? Only him?
  • Has he ever driven old cars? Which models? etc.

Insuring your classic car for rental

The insurance side, you should not take any risk. And no contract initially provides for this case. It is, therefore, necessary to add an additional insurance policy. There are special covers entitled people transported if you are the driver or hire to hire if you rent your old car without a driver. Ask your insurance company to find out how to join and how much it costs.