Energy Plans and Your Choice of the best Companies

Copmare TXU Energy plans

Anyone building a new home must of course also connect it to the electricity network. That is the job of your network operator. However, you also have to perform a number of preparatory tasks yourself. Are you renovating and do you want to expand or increase your connection? Which can. Below you will find an overview of all preparatory steps, how to submit an application and what it will cost you. In the case of the Copmare TXU Energy plans this is a perfect deal as per the options that are now available.

Connecting electricity: preparation

Before you can connect your home to the electricity grid, you are responsible for the preparatory work.

Cupboard connection electricity

Site cupboard

To build the home of your dreams, you need a yard cupboard. This temporary electricity cabinet ensures the energy supply on-site. You can rent a site cupboard from 10 to 15 euros per month, excluding VAT and inspection.

Do you agree well with your future neighbors? Then you can drain electricity from them. That saves you a few hundred euros for a temporary connection. Make sure you make good agreements and install a separate flow meter to keep track of your consumption. Need advice on the selection and testing of your site cupboard? Call on one of our electricians.

Provisional connection

Copmare TXU Energy plans

To use your site cupboard effectively, you must request a provisional connection from your network operator. In Flanders, this is Eandis or Infrax, for Brussels that is Sibella. Arrange your final connection right away, as it may take a while before all administrative documents are in order.

Connection bend& supply cable

The connection bend or energy bend are 5 interconnected plastic pipes that serve to bring natural gas, water, cable, telephone and electricity into your home. The connecting bend is mandatory for single-family homes. This is usually placed by the contractor, but you can also do this yourself. The energy bend must always be incorporated into the foundation and will rise just above the floor.

Take the following guidelines into account:

Ensure that the tops of the openings remain at least 600 mm below the final ground level.

Carefully seal the openings with stoppers that you can easily remove.

The openings to or from the energy bend in the house must be at least 30 mm above the finished floor pass.

The supply cable enters your house through the connection bend.

Connection plate

All utilities must be mounted on a multiplex plate. You should install it in a dry and easily accessible place, as close as possible to the public road. Popular areas are the garage, storage room or entrance hall. The multiplex plate must meet the following requirements:

  • be at least 18 mm thick
  • be at least 1.8 m high
  • be at least 1.2 m wide

Electricity connection

Final connection electricity

It is wise not to wait too long with your application for a permanent connection for several reasons:

Waiting time: it takes a while before all the paperwork is in order and before you receive a quote

Instructions: once your application has been submitted, you will get a nice overview of all the preparatory work that must be carried out, including technical requirements. That way you won’t be confronted with surprises afterward.